Not Too Much Tuesday

On this spot on this day nothing happened.

val-with-the-look.jpgWell, not really nothing, just nothing much, I called the garage first thing this morning (up at the crack of 10 I was!) The car’s not ready, it wasn’t the sending unit, it still gets hot going up hills. Not a joke in this county at all. There are very few places you can go without climbing a few hills, most of them fairly large ones too. They’ve found a radiator for it & are going to try that next though they’re curious to see if that helps since they checked the radiator when they were doing the water pump & it seemed to be ok.

The plumber wasn’t able to come today either, had stuff to do, when it’s a plumbing emergency it’s a true emergency! I wasn’t particularly heartbroken, I wanted to get out in the air anyway. We got kerosene, (it is supposed to be down in the 20’s for the next few nights still) gas, 17’s boyfriend gave me 10 for gas so that was nice & since it looks like we’re going to be in the loaner at least until Friday I filled the tank. Went into Floyd so 17 & the BF could get coffee. (not any coffee would do, it had to be from Cafe del Sol) & so I could get some cash out of the bank. Since we had to go to the Target parking lot for the video game BF was buying himself for his birthday we decided to go to Target, I had seen some really cute bathing suits there when I was easter shopping & wanted 17 to get a suit because she’s been wearing the same one for 4 years or so, not because I’m cheap, though I am, but because I couldn’t get her to go shopping for one, she hates shopping for bathing suits (I guess most people do, I don’t really care, I just get one when I need one & wear it until I need annother or until I find one I like.) I laid the groundwork Saturday night by mentioning the suits I saw & then today when we were in C’burg already I made it sound like it was just an impromptu thing, “oh, let’s go look at those bathing suits I saw Thursday, it can’t hurt to check them out early, while there’s such a good selection”

lois-yet-again.jpg After 5 bathing suits & 4 dresses tried on she chose one, a brown one with these odd, slightly glittery dots all over it, but it is flattering & she’s aparently been listening when I’ve been ranting about how squeezing yourself into something 2 sizes too small does not make you appear that size, it makes you look like a stuffed sausage. She picked out one in the size she thought she was & when it didn’t fit went back & took suits in the next size up & tried them. Looked pretty good too if I do say so myself! We wandered aimlessly around Target for awhile, 10 got a new dress because it was so cute I couldn’t resist & some new sneakers because her feet are growing out of her old ones (womens sz 6 to 7 in about 8 months!) The sneakers we really lucked out on, they were on clearance for $12.48 which was ok with me but they all had tags on them which cut that price in half again so I got her a pair of cute sneakers with purple insides (aparently very important to 10) for $6.24! 7 had not the slightest interest in clothing or shoes & hit me up for some floam which was on sale too. I just paid of my Target card a few weeks ago, I’m already back to carrying a balance I’m afraid, but except for the floam we pretty much needed everything we got- okay, no we didn’t need dove truffle eggs but they were 50% off, you can’t pass a bargain like that up! That’s the point of having a credit card as far as I’m concerned, so you can take advantage of sales like that & pick things up as a bargain

We were going to go to Home Depot for some house & garden stuff but I felt like I’d spent enough money for one day & this cold weather is not conducive towards yard work or garden tilling. So we headed home with a stop at Aly’s for pizza for the guys, salads for 17 & I & a sub for miss 10. All was excellent as it always is there. I don’t know why we don’t go there more often! (I always wonder that when we’ve been but it seems we fly by more often than not)

camjan.jpg I’m feeling tired tonight, more so than usual, it may just be spending the day with 17 & the BF they’re so huggy & kissy face that it wears me out. I’m sure I was the same way when I was her age but man, I hope not! Its embarassing to think about.

I was all set, I filled out my forms a week ago in preperation for requesting my time off in June & July for our vacation to MA. I waited until 4/8 which was exactly 90 days before the last day of the vacation (well, really the day I’ll be back at work if all goes right) & on Sunday, before we even started work, even, I filled out the online request forms. 5 days off between June 25 & July 8th I’d already alerted my boss & his boss to the fact that I was getting a head start on this because there’s been a stink before about wether it was ok for me to take so many days at once- they’re ok with it, I’m ok with it & the General Manager above us’s mother lives in my former hometown so he knows just how hard the drive from here to there is & that I need that many days to visit, recuperate from the drive & then drive home. On Monday I was bored & so decided to check, just in case, on the status of my requests. I was not thrilled to find them all disapproved. No one told me they’d changed the rules & you can’t apply until 60 days before the dates you want to take off instead of 90 days before. I was rather horrified & embarrassed until I found out my boss didn’t know they’d changed the rules either.

In light of his continued silence I’m feeling somewhat better about the Ex, no email, no phone calls, yet today anyway- I wanted to clarify something in my writing last night, I said I was worrying about him filling out an aplication for custody or visitation & I had these visions of noncustodial dads being very mean in the comments because I don’t let my ex visit the kids, well I do let him. He has no court ordered visitation but I have never blocked him from seeing the kids, he can see them here, at his mother’s, brother’s aunts or cousin’s houses, I don’t even have a problem with him taking them out to the store etc. alone or with his new wife & kid. However, I do not want him to take them to WI for a week or a month etc. which is what he’s been pushing for since he moved in with the woman he’s now married to. I’m not comfortable with him having them out of the state & I’ve heard way too many threats which began as: “possesion is 9/10th of the law, if I have the kids here then the WI laws will apply & you’ll never see them again” He insists he was just angry when he said that (8 or 10 times over 6 years) & I should know he’d never do anything like that but I know him & how vindictive he is & I’m just not about to take chances.


4 thoughts on “Not Too Much Tuesday

  1. It sounds like a very fun and yet stressful time in your life. Hang in there. . . it does get simpler with time.

    Enjoyed visiting your site. I came by way of Michele.

  2. You have a lot on your plate, Becky, and I admire your ability to keep it all together.

    Dropped by from Michele’s today to say hi. Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend.

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