Exersises in Frustration.

  baneofmyexsistence.jpg Another 2 days gone, expended in discussing with people why the weather impedes satellite signal. I had to get milk & gas the other night & discovered the store I usually go to requires you to have your check approved before pumping gas from now on. This isn’t that unusual in many areas I realize, It means I have to go in, write the check for whatever I’m buying + whatever I want to spend in gas which means I’ll always be guessing how much it will take to fill it. I hate that they can’t trust people enough now to just expect that the check is ok, it’s just annother thing making the place I’ve chosen to live in, because it is so wonderful & so unlike the place I came from, more like the place I came from.  Evry little thing like this, which chips away at my area’s originality & way of doing things, makes me so mad.

I found out Thursday that I had the option to swap Sunday for Tuesday as a level three tech, However that would mean working 4-10 hour days right in a row & Easter Sunday is a notoriously quiet, easy day. I chose not to disrupt my schedule since my boss will be there on Sunday & not on Tuesday & the kids will still be home from school on Tuesday for ‘spring break’ a break from the routine which was extended because we had so little bad weather this winter, the were supposed to go back on Tuesday but will be off that day & go back Wednesday. I’ll take a light work day where I might be able to read a little or get my vacation itinerary finalized, & the normal 2 days on, 2 days off, 2 days on, 1 day off week over a 3 day weekend followed by 4 days straight of doing nothing but working & sleeping!

Last night I went to Target to finish my easter shopping, candy, something medium sized for each kid besides candy & one smaller thing for each kid. Miss 10 & Mr 7 are recieving books, a dolphin paint set & A kite respectively, Miss 17 will recieve a Beatles tee shirt & Some eyeliner, she’s been to every CVS I’m willing to drive to (5 of them over the past few weeks) trying to find this certain Liquid Eyeliner which she really loves & can’t find it anywhere so I got her some new stuff which I’m hoping she’ll like since it’s from a major company not some fly by night company who’s not going to stay in business more than a year or two (as is the case with the manufacturer of the eyeliner she loves.

The Whole thing river.jpgwith the car is so out of control I can’t even believe I’m dealing with it without tears & really without even too much frustration. I drove AJ & UB’s car all week, was able to leave it with them with 3/4 of a tank of gas which is at least a little more than they had when I borrowed it. AJ & I spent a nice hour or so visiting & watching birds gather at her feeders, I saw cardinals, bluejays, 3 kinds of blackbirds, tufted titmouses (mice?) chickadees, 2 kinds of woodpeckers, mourning doves & robins. I have a suet feeder behind our house but you’d have to stand at the window beside the fridge to watch anything feed there, I’ve got to pick annother place to put birdfeeders, maybe in my soon-to-be-front-yard garden. I tried to take pictures of the birds when AJ & I went out to inspect the trees she’s been planting in the yard but they flew off as soon as I stepped outside

our-house007.jpg   UB took Miss 10 & I to pick up my car when he arrived home from errand running & I paid a princely sum, the Service Manager had told me he’d keep it under a thousand & he did, by about .73 cents, but it was under a thousand. He itemized the bill & highlighted for me, all the charges which pertained to the broken sparkplug- more than half. (I haven’t added it up yet, I’m almost afraid to) The timing belt had to be replaced they found when the got into the engine, so did the water pump & the thermostat due to the overheating problem. 10 & I left there, went to the bank & pharmacy & then stopped by the original garage. (when we walked in everyone in there stopped talking- it was like out of one of those old time western movies!) I showed the guy who runs the shop the bill & explained about the highlighted parts & let him know the service manager had said to call or stop by if he had any questions. The guy from the original place made a copy, re-highlighted the portions which were part of his responsibillity & said he’d get back to me (Undoubtedly he has to go back to the owner with this- I wouldn’t want to be the one to face that guy) I will give him a week & if I haven’t heard I’ll go back.

The fact that the timing belt was replaced along with all new gaskets etc. makes my happy. I’m hoping that it will have something of a new lease on life & allow me to have a couple more good years out of it before I have to take on a car payment again. (those Hundayi Santa Fes are looking better & better though) Just to rub the whole thing in, later when we picked up our mail at the P.O. the title for the car had arrived. Especially ironic in light of the events in between.

ajubs-car.jpg After the unpleasantness was over at the second garage, feeling much relieved 10 & I jumped in the car & went to the grocery store to get the makings of a spaghetti & meatballs dinner in honor of our meeting 17’s boyfriends parents, sister, brother & brother’s girlfriend tonight. That all went well, saw someone I didn’t really want to see, 7’s old babysitter, there was some unpleasantness when we parted company after she & her husband tried to tell me how to run my life one too many times she decided that what I’d been paying her weekly wasn’t enough & nearly doubled what I’d owed her at the time. I never paid her any more than what she’d originaly told me I owed her before she realized 7 wasn’t coming back. After multiple psycho phone calls which, at the time, led to me calling the police & discussion of a restraining order, she backed off & I’ve never seen her except in passing cars since then. Now, 3 years later she had the nerve to turn & start to greet me as if I was her friend!  Humph! It’s always a bad sign when people aren’t close with their own kids, that should have tipped me off in the first place.

After the grocery store we headed home. All was going well until we started up the hill before the turn off to our road. the car got hot again & we had to pull over to let it cool before we could come home. I called the dealership & let them know. I was pretty upset, I didn’t want to ask AJ & UB for their car again, I loved having it & it was a lot of fun to drive with the top down, but it was stressful worrying about deer, the kids, spilling my breakfast in it & so on, there’s a myriad of things which could have happened & I worried about them all, all week long! The service manager was great though, when I explained & said I thought, since the car cooled down when I turned the heat on while we were driving from where we parked & it cooled down to my house (all of 7/10ths of a mile)  that I’d have to drive it until my next weekday off, Tuesday & bring it in first thing in the morning & just wait for it there. He immediately said they’d bring me a loaner car & an hour later he had a mechanic there to swap cars with me! I was pleased & if Chrysler contacts me for a survey I will rave about them. (I am not, however, sure I’m going to continue to go there, dealer pricing is so expensive, we’re talking $60. an hour for labor!)

The rest of the day has been consumed with cleaning up the house, making meatballs, spaghetti sauce & watching miss 17 frost her boyfriend’s birthday cake (the reason for the meet & greet.) Which she made from scratch. It should prove to be an interesting evening if it ever kicks off.


5 thoughts on “Exersises in Frustration.

  1. Hello, Michele sent me, so I’ve sipped tea while reading this entry. I love these posts – I know, I said that last week. 🙂

    When I was ten my mother gave me a basketball, because I wanted one, and hid it in plain site by balancing it on the top of a dress form, like some post-modern headless horseman.

    It had to be pointed out to me.

  2. That’s not the car I remember. It’s purple? A convertable? Or is it the one your getting next? What do you think of this black and white easter? Popping in from michele’s.

  3. the car in the picture is the one I borrowed last week, I’d been meaning to take a picture of it all week & just got around to it today on my way to take it back. I currently don’t have a picture of my car on my computer! Which is ok with me since I’m annoyed with the car for being a pain in the neck & malfunctioning.

  4. I don’t know if I could owe a purple car, but I like that one (and my daughter would really think it’s hot). It’s nice to have good friends. Have a happy Easter. Michele says hi.

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