The day has been long & not particularly interesting, we ran errands first thing this morning, I picked up a little more than I intended to at the grocery store, thinking of things I’d forgotten last night while I was doing our regular every 2 weeks shopping trip, thinking I’d just write a check, then when I got to the checkout line I realized I’d ran out of checks last night & couldn’t write one! I scraped every cent out of my purse & still had to put $10. on my credit card! I remembered the bad old days when I would have had to put stuff back instead of charging it- either because I had no credit cards or because the card was maxed, & was glad of this but still a little annoyed because I’ m trying not to use the credit card at all these days.

val-life.jpg At home I helped 10 & 7 finish their science fair projects & write their papers with the descriptions of what their projects are on them, gave 10 a haircut & then we hollowed out eggs, you drill holes in each end of the egg & blow the yolks & whites out into a bowl, then the eggs can be washed & dyed & what you do to them can be saved- there is a reason for this, we have all these beads, rhinestones & gilt ribbon etc, to decorate them with then hang them on a bare branch as an easter tree. It’s something my grandmother got a bee in her bonnet about maybe 28 years ago & we did back then but the tree was in our picture window which had a large southern exposure meaning the eggs & stuff on the eggs faded so when 17 was a baby we started up again. Just this summer my Grandmother had given me all her craft stuff so we had tons of stuff to use for this project & less time than I would have liked. So we will be doing some more on my days off next week.

valhaircutegg.jpgI was a ‘good girl’ & signed up for my mandatory overtime first thing Wednesday morning, an hour for Thursday, 1 for Sunday & 2 for Monday (getting it out of the way a little early next week) Imagine my surprise when I realized on my computer schedule that the overtime wasn’t there! All of it disappeared! I have to do the 3 hours next week but Thursday’s hour was me trying to line my pockets a little more & when balanced, at 7pm against the prospect of going home in an hour & seeing my kids went away very quickly. (What’s $20. after all?)

I thought paying my bills off would be easy, instead I’m finding they just keep coming, one, which I was getting ready to pay is more than I expected it to be, one is early & due earlier than I thought, one, from my own business for my satellite tv is more than I think it should be.

I’m still tired out from Tuesday out with lo-cam.jpgChrisea, we often do too much in too short a time when we’re together.

Animal crackers come in 18 species? It always seemed like there were only 5 or 6 in the box.

Every time I log in to my email I hold my breath worrying that I’ll have one from the ex, so far we haven’t heard from him since January 9th, that is a good thing as far as I’m concerned.

I haven’t been to a rock concert since we moved here to VA in 1997, (Sept. 21 will be 17, 10 & my 10 year anniversary living in our adopted state- 7 was born here so is a native Virginian) I was trying to remember what my last concert was, it was either Rush at the Fleet Center in Boston or Bon Jovi at Great Woods, (this alone proves that I’m no longer a Massachusetts resident, people keep telling me it’s now called the Tweeter Center for me it was always Great Woods & will always be Great Woods)

My Crocuses are already gone & my hyacinth are coming up very nicely, I’m really sorry now that I never planted the bulbs I got last fall, now I’ve got Lillies of the valley I need to plant before it gets too warm. I just can’t decide where to plant them, they need shade & dampness & behind my house is shady but not particularly damp. beside the garage is both but it’s also high traffic from mr 7 & miss 10 doing laps. A particularly effective discipline/child removal tool I learned from my grandmother- my cousins & I thought we were showing her by going to play on the swings- but now I know the adults just wanted us to go away, wether we were running around the house or out back it didn’t really matter to them, they just wanted some peace & quiet!


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  1. The Fleet Center is now called The Garden again……..since Bank of America bought Fleet. Yes, it is TD Bank North Garden????!!!

  2. You got me. i still call it Great woods and the fleet center. I guess I am no longer a masshole either. Hey, Super Walmart opened up finally so no more long drive to the grocery store.

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