Friday Fancies

    I’m Pre posting because we’re planning a trip down to Roanoke tommorow which will take pretty much the whole day. I love going down there, I once took pictures everywhere for my old blog & remote posted them. They never showed up on the blog & I couldn’t figure out why for the longest time. A few weeks later I found I’d left the ‘M’ off .com. I’ve heard others wonder where the stuff that doesn’t make it gets sent. I have a whole ‘my day in Roanoke’ entry out there in the ethers.

spider1.jpgOur second cat seems to be ok currently at least, she’s not drinking excessivley or sleeping too much so I’m assuming if we just don’t feed her any more canned food everything should be ok. The other cat is as ok as she ever is, 10 went to get her pillow off of her brothers bed the other night after he was already asleep & found our miss Scarlett on it like a human, head & front paws lying on the pillow!scarlett-sleepin.jpg

I actually had someone get mad at me on the phone yesterday because I said the programing we provided her was contingent on her prompt payment of her bill. She asked for my supervisor & told him I should be fired because I couldn’t speak english.

That’s one thing which I have trouble with on my job, I see how the truly dumbest of the dumb are & how they act, if I was troubleshooting cell phones or computers it would be different but because it’s satellite tv I talk to everyone.

I’ve had a few preconceptions dissolved for me over the years though. Most people from Compton CA are the most polite people you will talk to. People from PA tend to be the rudest & people from all over talk down to women as if they think you don’t understand big words or how to fix the equipment. GRrrr, I know I’ve already posted long & verbosely on that issue though.

Just got a call from 10’s mentor, she val-3-067.jpgsays 10 didn’t do a history assignment & blamed it on her stress over the loss of her Great Grandmother. The mentor smelled a rat, in that my Grandmother died in December & up until the point where they started discussing the missing assignment 10 was in a very cheerful mood & had actually been warned for class disruption for her enthusiasam & talking to other classmates. The mentor is a little more up on things than I expected in that she told me the boy who sits next to 10 has a family member in the hospital & she thinks 10 may have realized people were cutting him some slack because of it. (I know 10 & that is exactly the sort of thing she does!) so I’m revising my impressions of the mentor. At least a little.

It is science fair time as I’m sure most parents of elementary school kids are aware. Miss 10 is doing something with magnets which she found on the internet herself. (I’m just the bankroll on that project) Mr 7 & I are making salt crystals, it’s very simple but is pretty cool when they start growing, you just suspend a metal nut on a thread in a glass of salty water & the salt grows up the thread. It has to be fairly undisturbed & that seems to be a problem though I had him put it somewhere which is fairly secluded (as opposed to on a window sill now that we’re finnally able to open the windows!)vcontrain078.jpg

I have daffodils dying on my table right now even. Not in a bad way, it’s just that I like the flowers outside where they live longer but the kids insist on picking them for me & putting them in a vase. & of course, if they’re from the kids you can’t really say no, though I do try to point out that the flowers last a lot longer in the ground where they belong.

My list of stuff that needs to be done (like building stairs, fixing windows & getting the lawnmowers running) is  growing, the daffodils are getting choked out by blackberry vines. Now if they were raspberry or black raspberry vines I would say daffodils be damned but Black berries give me acid stomach & we have more than enough vines without them smothering my daffodils!

Later on this evening. We ran errands, got some spring clothes for the kids at my favorite resale place & Goodwill, (miss 10 is getting big enough that size girls 16 is a little snug, meaning we’re buying small & extra small womens clothes for her) mr 7 was thrilled because I let him pick some clothes for himself, he picked out a jurassic park t shirt & some bright green shorts which he put on in the car (I have tinted windows) & was quite pleased about it.

Miss 17 actually deigned to grace goodwill with her presence & though she tried on a few pairs of jeans only ended up with a skirt & a pair of pajama pants. Still better than nothing & considering they were 3 bucks each a lot less than similar clothes at target.

The place we ate dinner has the coolest ceiling in the waiting area, it is painted dark bluish purple with constelations painted on it. 17 tried to take a picture of it but the picture does not do it justice.kabukis-ceiling.jpg

Got to get to bed & rest up for our trip to Roanoke.


2 thoughts on “Friday Fancies

  1. Hey Becky, I was supposed to visit last night but didn’t ‘cos we had to leave.

    So I’m back, paying my Michele dues 🙂

    You have a couple cute kitties there, hope Cat #2 continues to improve – it’s so worrying when the pets are sick.

    Michele sent me

  2. I hope you had a good time in Roanoke, you deserve it.
    Your kids are sure growing up fast.
    I am so enjoying your site. I love the pictures.

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