Annother Meme,

Here’s a meme I stole from Finn

Have you ever had an argument with a teacher? Since my mother was my main teacher, yes many of them

Can you count in Roman numerals? Nope. I can tell time on a clock with them on it though
Are you bilingual? Nope, not fluently, though I can count & a few other things in both French & Spanish & tell you to shut up in Russian & tell my kids good night & goodbye in a few others. (we all have our priorities)

Do you know how your car’s engine works? for the most part yes,

Can you program the time on a VCR? yes.

How many email addresses do you have? 2 one for junk & one for family & friends.

Do you own a slinky? I could put my hands on 2 or 3 slinkys in my home but they’re not technically mine

Do you talk to yourself? all the time, mostly abusively

Do you have a tough time remembering people’s names? Sometimes.

Did you go stag to your Senior Prom? I had no senior prom, nor was I invited to anyone elses.

Is any leftover food currently residing in your refrigerator? oh yes, plenty of it

Are you high maintenance? Nope, not really.

How do you want to be proposed to? I don’t really intend to get married again, the one I had was amusing though, I was in the bathtub taking a bubble bath & he called in from the bedroom that he thought when we went to MA for Christmas that we should just go ahead & get married. (how romantic huh?)

Do you work out regularly? **Snort** No, I should, I know I should but this computer is just so fascinating. (really though, I’ve started walking around the call center on at least 2 of my 4 breaks in a day & when it get’s warmer I’m going to start going outside & doing the same)

Do you care about your appearance? I’ve pretty much given up in general. It just doesn’t matter anymore, I’m too old to date anyway so why bother.

Describe the person of your dreams: See above. I will say that they’d have to have more of the same interests, like in politics, reading & music as I do & a sense of humor.

Do you like to be tan? Sure, I love skin cancer! No I don’t tan I burn, peel & burn some more so no tanning ever occours here.

If you had your choice of anyone in the world to spend a night with, who would it be? Yeah, right, Johnny Depp.

How many keys are on your key ring? three, house key, car key & Padlock key for my storage space in New Hampshire which holds all my grandmother’s furniture.

How much money is in your wallet/purse right at this moment? 4 $5 bills, the last of my savings for emergencies, I didn’t save enough of my last paycheck to get through the second week between paychecks (I missed 3 days in my last pay period so my check on the 2nd was a little short)

What is your favorite spice or seasoning? Garlic
What does your name mean? Google says it means ‘to bind’ I think the baby book I had when I was having kids had something else down for it

Do you give your pets holiday presents? No but my kids insist upon it so it works out to the same thing since mommy pays when the kids want.

When doing up your jeans, do you button then zip? Or zip then button? Jeans? it’s been a few years since I could get in a pair of jeans, I think I zipped & then buttoned, though it made a difference in the whole process if I had to lie on the bed to get them done up.

How far would you go on the first date? I consistently went too far, though I never regretted it at the time, I am not so sure I did right back then. Now I just don’t date, it cuts down on the whole question.

Do you sleep on your side? Stomach? Back? I sleep sitting up for the first few hours, then on my right side, then on my left, I used to sleep on my back but after my second child it started hurting my back to lie on my stomach too long.

Have you attended a high school reunion yet? How was it? It would be a pretty small reunion, I guess you could say I attend one when I visit my brother’s grave every year.

Are you ticklish? Where? I’m ticklish under my arms & behind my knees.

Would you rather change your past or know your future? That’s an ugly choice. either way a catch 22, if you change your past who & how you are now would very likely change, if you know your future what’s to look forward to?

Do you believe in saving yourself for marriage? I didn’t,

Would you pick up a hitchhiker? It would depend on the circumstances, I used to hitchike so I like to think I would but I’ve driven past a few over the last few years. (mostly ’cause the car was messy & I was embarrassed)

Would you consider yourself a worrier? To some extent.

Do you notice when your crush/significant other changes something about themselves? I did when I had a significant other.

Do your first impressions of people usually stick? I’d say I’m about 66/33 being right in my first impression of people.

What movie(s) can you watch over and over? The Lord of the Rings Trillogy.

Do you like to cook? Not anymore, I used to but it’s just a chore now.

Do plants die in your care? Indoor ones do. I do okay with outdoor ones.

What’s one thing you feel you must do in your life before it ends? Read as much as possible.


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