And Now for Something Completely different…

I haven’t bored everyone with history lately so skip this one if you’re easily bored.

I’m thinking about my Father a lot lately so here a picture of my brother & father & a friend of my fathers, (hope he won’t mind) All in their fishing gear. My father was a huge fly fishing enthusiast. butch-don-ben108.jpg

I was taught at about 11 to paddle his canoe around ponds very slowly & quietly (so as not to scare the fish) while my father fished. I was not a huge fan of fishing myself though I liked the canoeing. I also recall a few memorable trips to the nearest shad run because though my father didn’t actually want to fish for shad he thought it would be a memorable experience for my brother & I to see them run. Though we haunted the river side for quite a few hours over quite a few days we never did get to see them run. I suppose I should be glad he was into fishing because if my father hadn’t wanted to go places to fish I don’t think we ever would have gotten him to go anywhere!

xmas-88110.jpg He was very analytical & he had an odd sense of humor & I definitely inherited both of those, though I am still not anywhere near as analytical as he was, the sense of humor definitely carries through, this picture of my brother & I as teenagers (well, I had turned 20 the month before) was his idea as a counterpoint to the many pictures of the 2 of us kids on his lap listening to The Night Before Christmas which were in our family Christmas cards each year.


don-w1st-vw090.jpgHe was an old dad, I was his first kid & he was 37 when I was born, he’d done a lot of stuff which he was interested in already at that point, he was a Volkswagen beetle enthusiast & I still have 3 or 4 humor books on VW bugs that were his. He used to enthuse to me about economy rallys he’d been on & how tire inflation & the car being in tune could win you the race. It all sounded fascinating though I’m not sure I would have wanted to go on one. He was proud enough of the VW bugs he had’s fuel economy to have done the above to his car! I have this labeled as his first VW but in backtracking & checking a few things it wasn’t, this is the one they had when I was born ( I think) My mother drives a ’98 VW bug now in his honor (I assume at least that’s why she drives it) Could be she just got so used to having them that it seemed like a plan, in my whole life I categorize things by which car we had at the time. in the 23 years I was alive & so was my father we had red, blue, orange vw bugs, 1 Datsun f10 (same car given to me as a bribe to come home from VA in 1988) A vw rabbit (the car I learned to drive in. a vw Sirocco (sp?) & a vw golf. My mother drove the Golf until 1998 when she got the 98 bug which I guess she plans to drive forever. My father would get a car & drive it until it died then get annother car.

In my adult life due to my ex I’ve already had more cars than my parents (my ex was a mechanic & cars were disposable) There’s something amusing: Cars I’ve had:

  • 1978 Plymouth Arrow bought in VA for $275 dollars & sold to a junk yard for $25 bucks 3 months later
  • 1976 Datsun f10 the bribe car, I did drive it for about 6 months, the estimate on the mileage was 325,000 when I went to insure it. My own parents had seen it turn 100,000 once, & I saw it do it a second time, plus when my parents bought it it had over 100,000 on it already.
  • 1988 Subaru Justy My first new car buying experience, not a great one either. I ‘gave it back’ 8 months after buying it, meaning I had a repo on my credit history for the next 7 years.
  • 1978 Ford Thunderbird 17’s dad & I were given this car to pay off a debt owed to D unfortunatley it didn’t run.
  • 1983 Chevy Citation Station Wagon The second car given to D to pay off the same debt. Something wrong with this one too.
  • 1974 Ford Pinto Third try on D’s debtor’s part to pay him off. This car ran ok, we took it to a lake (lived at the ocean but D wanted to swim in some fresh water so we went to Pembrooke MA) we blew out fourth gear on the way home.
  • 1982 Subaru Brat After giving up the Justy this was the first vehicle I had on my own, it was in 1992 so I went 3 & 1/2 years without a car at all, thanks to a cousin of mine who also owned the brat, she sold it to me for something like $300. The ex & I drove this car in the beginning stages of our relationship.
  • 1983 Ford Escort My cousin’s boyfriend bought the ex & I this car to trade back for the brat because he was worried about my cousin driving a non 4 wheel drive vehicle in the winter. This car was better for us in some ways because it was safer for my oldest kid who we had been strapping in between the seats in the brat. The car was a piece of junk which barely ran though.
  • 1982 Nissan 210 This was my next car in Virginia, I bought it on my whirlwind move from North Carolina to Virginia in a weekend, the ex & miss 17 & I had moved to NC for a fresh start & were staying with his dad & stepmom, it wasn’t working out so my Grandmother bailed me out with cash & I got an apartment, moved my stuff in a uhaul from storage in NC to the apartment in VA & then purchased a car on my way to drop the Uhaul off! Very neatly done if I do say so myself. (the ex went back to NC & we broke up, then he ended up asking to get back together 6 months later- ah the places where my life would have been different if I’d made a differnt choice.
  • 1993 Ford Escort, the ex bought this car in NC & we drove it a lot up & down the east coast (VA to MA) at least 3 times each way! he decided he couldn’t afford the payment & so gave it back as a repo.
  • 1984 Ford Mustang GT turbo, The ex was in the process of buying this car so we’d each have a car when my nissan blew up so we were back to just 1 car – which is how it was for the next 3 years us sharing the mustang- this car was a dream, well maintained, quick, we, over the years, put over 250,000 miles on it, nearly unheard of in American cars.
  • 1982 Iroc, The Mustang sustained a problem on Christmas eve 1996, the ex was racing someone on the highway & the turbo blew out, it had an oil cooled turbo & was fairly rare, it took the ex 6+ months to find one & in the meantime we had rental cars because the ex had a deal through where he worked to loan us a rental at a very low price- this Iroc was a beast, he paid something like $150. for it & when you opened the trunk & looked down you could see the ground through some mesh, I remember the winter of 1996/1997 being very cold & him having trouble starting the car, at one point he was doing something under the hood & a fireball which looked like a mini mushroom cloud flew up off the carbureator! It didn’t phase him in the least! – just annother day with a mechanic for a husband.
  • 1997 Dodge Neon We traded the Iroc in on this car, it was such a tin can I don’t even want to discuss what a mess this car was, we moved to VA about 5 months after buying it & in my ex’s inimitable way he didn’t bother to work or pay the loan on the car for months after we moved, they let us keep it through Christmas 1997 & then took it right after the first of January. (that’s 2 repos for me, 2 for the ex) Back to sharing the Mustang, which was fixed & was supposed to be ‘my’ car to run around grocery shopping, picking up mail etc.
  • 1980 Dodge Sation wagon the ex bought it for $250. to have a second car.
  • 1992 Chevy Cavalier After the Station wagon was undriveable he got this car, it was surprisingly a very nice car! I drove it while he was in navy boot camp & while we were discussing wether we were going to divorce or stay married & he took it back to his then girlfriend, now wife in june 2001 it was reposessed 3 months later (I made the payments when it was in my possesion!) (if you’re keeping track, that’s 3 repos for the ex, & that’s just what I know about, I’ve heard through the grapevine that there have been more where he lives now though)
  • 1990 Ford Taurus, Bought it from my neighbor, this car had all the doodads, power seats, windows, mirrors, it also had wiring problems, bad motor mounts & a phantom overheating problem! I traded it in on the next car & they ‘generously’ gave me $300. for it.
  • 1992 Subaru Legacy my credit rebuilding car, worked ok, no worries, other than oil changes, tune ups & tires the only problems I ever had were a locked up rear brake caliper & when the front passenger wheel mount broke off! (I felt really stupid until my mechanic who also drove a Legacy though it was a wagon- told me his had done the same thing & he didn’t have a clue that it was going to happen until it did!)
  • 2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser still driving it, it’s ok, not as dependable as I’d like but it gets me where I’m going at least.

5 thoughts on “And Now for Something Completely different…

  1. The Assfire as ex used to call it was the rental car we had most of the time we were not using the mustang – while the Iroc was having the timing chain fixed (we had a lumina for the first few weeks & a jeep for a weekend too)

  2. I love that you write about your Dad and old days.
    You are a gem Becky and don’t forget it… never bore me.

  3. Wow! lucky you’ve had many cars. Volkswagen bugs really has impressive fuel economy, especially the ones made recently. It also has excellent braking sytem with its top-rate brake parts like its VW brake caliper. You should have posted pics of those cars that you’ve had here…

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