Random Thoughts yet Again

Hmmm, I’m actually getting traffic, hits from people other than the ones who come see me because of visiting Micheles I admit, I’m a little disconcerted by some of the feedback I’m getting, the tone of some of these homeschool pundits is as if I didn’t have ‘the right’ to speak about homeschooling. vallo04152.jpg

Well, I do, now I’m the first to admit, everyone’s experience in homeschooling is individual & I certainly did not have the best one thanks to the person doing the teaching.  Still though, I have considered this very carefuly over the past 22 years since my homeschooling ended & I still think I would have done better in public school.

It certainly would have helped to ‘toughen’ me up a bit so I could better withstand what I deal with on a day to day basis at work. Here’s a link I’ve posted before, I posted it about a month ago & happen to know no one clicked on it, I did post it during the week & almost no one comes here during the week.  So I’m posting it again so maybe people will gain a little more insight into how much fun it is to talk people through things on the phone, I’m not in computers though, I talk to people about their malfunctioning satellite dishes & I get a much lower IQ of people, (I mean how hard is it to keep your tv on channel 3?)

I’ve had a lot of customer service jobs before this one but they were all face to face type jobs, over the phone is good in some ways (as in they can’t see me roll my eyes) & bad in others (as in the customers go by my tone of voice alone & lately I’ve had that crud that’s been going around which has made my throat raw & sore & my voice quite rough)

I’m about fed up with those online surveys, I had a few lately which were really interesting, showing advertisements & asking your opinion etc. but just lately I don’t seem to ever fit their focus group. (38 year old divorced mothers of 3 must be a fairly important group wouldn’t you think? I mean we make most of the purchasing decisions for our families after all.)

valgrntnk.jpgThe kids are making brownines now, after a long morning of reading & extra-curricular work which I’m hoping will help to boost their mediocre grades (the younger two, Miss 17’s highschool declined to sent the report cards out yet, they say the’ll send them Monday)

Watched ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ the other night the first (& quite ppssibly only) movie which was in the Academy Awards this year that I have seen. It was pretty good,  not quite what I expected considering what I’d heard but it was good.

I also saw The Devil Wears Prada last week which was quite funny but made me quite sad, I’ve never been much for fashion of course, never had much of an option considering in my adult life (age 18 & up though the same is true from about age 12 & up) the smallest I’ve been is a size 10. So over that I’m not even going to waste more space on my ongoing for my whole life weight issues, but it always strikes me as odd that the ‘average woman’ in America is 5′.37” & about 163 lbs, which is not the 0 & 00 size clothing that I hear people on tv talking about & that the movie had a lot to do with. It also amuses & amazes me that I’m so far out of the mainstream on this issue without even meaning to be.loisskull.jpg

I couldn’t bring myself to weigh in on Michele’s blog or anywhere else about the overweight  UK child who’s mother went up on child endangerment charges. My oldest, as I’m sure anyone who looks at my blog even occasionally knows, is overweight, my 10 year old is heading there herself even with her dad’s excellent metabolisim she’s inherited, I don’t buy a lot of junk, they get 1 box of Gummy Snacks in a 2 week period to share between the three of them & a box of cereal or pop tarts each to eat as they choose over that same 2 week period. we have normal, fairly healthy meals each night, with easier, frozen things like chicken parmigana with frozen chicken patties, on the nights 17 cooks for them while I’m at work.

Still though, they snack, when there’s not much else they eat ramen noodles & toast with cinnamon sugar. I’ve got to work of course, my company doesn’t offer any schedules which would allow me to be home with my kids all the time they’re home & when they did have a 7-330 shift I was on it for 2 months & gained weight myself -I’m better off at work, in a semi-controlled environment during the evening hours- getting home at 845 each night from work covers me this way because I go to bed not too long after arriving home & can’t/won’t eat  that close to bedtime due to indigestion problems.

On this shift my main meal of the day is between 1pm & 2pm each day & I do ok with maintaining my weight while on it.

Last night was our lovely every other week grocery shopping excursion, I only overspent by 20 bucks, which is pretty good, considering I only had budgeted $100. (I have a fairly extensive collection of meat in my freezer which I fall back on during lean paychecks) I also broke a promise to myself & we had Burger King, we go out to eat once every 2 weeks on this grocery shopping trip & about a year ago after dealing with indigestion once again from a big chain fast food place I swore no more & for the past year we’ve gone to sit-down camjan.jpgrestaurants & pizza places & sub shops but no chain fast food since then.  This week though, I was broke of course & BK it was. (mr7 was thrilled- he’s already broken the toy he got in his meal though)

Annother ‘weekend’ at an end, I’m tired tonight Miss 10 felt she needed to hang out in my bed with me last night which is nice for the togetherness, not so nice for the sleeping. I shouldn’t have complained so much about the loss of my DVR a couple of weeks ago, because I haven’t watched much of anything but the news since I got the new one. I did watch Jericho because it’s an addiction with me, but Medium & Cold Case & the other handful of shows I watch have been building up on the hard drive & I’ve been reading or online instead. I’ve promised miss 10 who is a big Medium fan that we’ll watch the last 2 shows together tonight so I’ve got to get my shower out of the way & then settle down with her for a nice quiet evening of thrills & chills.


3 thoughts on “Random Thoughts yet Again

  1. Since watching “SuperSize Me” I’ve had great difficulty with fast food for myself or my family. Doesn’t mean I haven’t suckered out periodically…argh!

    Just posted re: your post, wanted to let you know and here you are again on the topic. 🙂 I bet you would’ve thrived in a school-setting. Seems you’ve turned out fairly normal afterall though. Kudos!

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