Just Annother Day at Home.

If I was going to write a book 90 % of what I do every day would have no bearing on anything in the book. I think that doesn’t say much for my life. Of course, we all have to make a living, I just wish my way of making a living was a little less um, boring.

On annother level though, my job is not boring at all, I got to hear all about some guys trip to Jamacia & how they have the same satellite dish company there (I knew this, but the deep sea diving part of the story was interesting) I get to hear how parents discipline their children, (mostly not at all, I’m sorry but you should not have to beg your 2 year old’s forgiveness for turning off a video tape in order to fix your tv. Or way too harshly, I have heard some really horrible parenting over the phone while trying to troubleshoot with customers) I have a whole new appreciation for those children of immigrants who have to translate for their parents to the rest of the world. I have troubleshot with children as young as seven to get people’s tv back on for them. I feel for these kids, they act like little adults on the phone, translating the important parts of what I say to the parents in what ever language is their normal language.val-1998028.jpg

We’re all feeling somewhat better today, though Mr 7 seems to be a little moody, the kids all had a half day of school today & we’re supposed to be out in the yard picking up branches & debris from the ice storm last week & the wind storm yesterday. Though it is beautiful & sunny outside no one is really too motivated to go mess with the branches, I’m mostly dreading this because so many of our trees are pine trees & I hate getting pitch stuck all over my hands & clothes.

Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body. ~Elizabeth Stone

I’m having an interesting time dealing with 17’s evolution to girlfriend. I see that she’s not as mature as I thought when I see her with the boyfriend. I also hate to see her being bossy demanding & sickly sweet, I know it’s normal at that age & I realize if I’d had boyfriends at her age & maturity level I might very well have been the same way. Just the same it’s not something I enjoy watching when I have opportunity to see them together.

It would seem that something which means poverty, disorder and violence every single day should be avoided entirely, but the desire to beget children is a natural urge. ~Phyllis Diller

The same could be said about homeownership as Phyllis Diller said about children, it’s a few hours from when I wrote the previous & my yard is looking a bit better. we mostly cleaned up between the row of dangerously tall pines & the back of the house. The half a tree which fell back in December is still there on the ground awaiting the plumber to come back & chop it up & haul it away for firewood. We hauled some of the new stuff into that pile & the rest halfway down the hill to a tree which lost about half it’s branches. I am seeing now that there were multiple reasons this house was cheap, the owner relocating to New Jersey & his mother needing to go into assisted care were only part of it. The tree issues alone if I were to hire a tree surgeon or tree topping company (Not that I would, I hate the way topped trees look) & have something done about the too tall trees, the trees too close to the house & the trees which are pretty obviously half dead it would cost a fortune. As it is, barring any unforseen disaster I’ll take it as it comes & wait for the trees to fall down & then burn them in pieces, it’s still way too windy today to burn anything though, We usually try to have a bonfire around July4th or so. The wind made the 50+ degree weather feel a lot brisker so now everyone is hacking & couging & walking around with bright red cheeks. It’s all moms fault of course.

Don’t worry that children never listen to you; worry that they are always watching you. ~Robert Fulghum

cam-waspnest2.jpg  We located a largish wasps nest on one of the fallen branches which mr 7 has adopted, he thinks his teacher will be interested in having it in her classroom. I hope so because it gives me the willies- even though I know it’s uninhabited it just freaks me out to see it on his shelves or worse yet, like the picture, in his hands!cam-waspnest.jpg   I remember when I was pregnant with miss 17 there being a huge wasps nest in a tree outside my home then. My uncle took it down & took it to the library for decoration in the childrens room. I used to take 17 to visit it when she was little because it was ‘ours’ in that it came from our house, it was nice having my uncle as the library director, his kids enjoyed it too. After hours visits were always fun, there was a pool (about 3 inches deep) & fountain in the center of the library back then & my  younger cousins would take miss 17 wading (she was 2 they were 12 & 9) it was great, until one day a few weeks later I had her with me at the library during public hours. All went well until we had checked our books out, then she broke the grasp I had on her hand, ran over to the pool, sat down next to it & began taking off her shoes & socks. The librarian on duty & several patrons had a good laugh as I tried to get her shoes back on & convince her that she couldn’t go wading (the librarian on duty was a friend of my uncles & knew very well that this wasn’t just a whim of 17’s, he knew exactly where she got the idea, I’m sure the patrons would have been less amused if they’d realized this) vaca2006087.jpg

A pessimist sees only the dark side of the clouds, and mopes; a philosopher sees both sides, and shrugs; an optimist doesn’t see the clouds at all – he’s walking on them. ~Leonard Louis Levinson

I’m trying to be optimistic, I’ve reworked my finances to accomodate my missing 3 days of work in my next paycheck. It’s not a pretty sight & I’m going to get some phone calls. I’ll have to work overtime on the next paycheck for real.  Like a whole hour every night for the next 2 weeks- at least. I did get put on my final write up for missing work. I’m pretty angry because they counted the 14th as an absence, only if you were late were you excused for weather Not fair at all! Oh well, our shift shuffle is only counting how we’ve done in the past 3 months in our abillity rankings & our seniority in regards to when we were hired. on the abillity I’ve been in the good range, there are 3 in which you get a bonus in your paychecks for, Really good you get a 20% bonus, Good is 10% & Okay is 5%- I’ve been Good for about 5 or 6 months in a row- this counts for everything, your biennial raise, your pay, in this situation with everyone jockeying for the shifts they want & also when it comes to promotions within the company too. As for seniority, I’m year 2, going on my 6th year already so I don’t have a lot to worry about in that part. Only the possiblity that they won’t have my shift available any longer, I told 17 yesterday to think about what’s more important to her life now, would she prefer me to be here after 530 but work 5 days a week now or have 3 days off & have to work further into the evenings (most of the other 4 by 10 shifts we have are 11 am to 10 pm & other rather unpleasant times like that)

Funny thing from my email yesterday:


  • Start, Louisiana, or Stop, Georgia?
  • War, West Virginia, or Peace, Alabama?
  • Straight, Oklahoma, or Gay, Oklahoma?
  • Boring, Oregon, or Rapture, Indiana?
  • Chance, Montana, or Fate, Texas?
  • Smart, Virginia, or Dumbell, Wyoming?
  • Democrat, Arkansas, or Republican, North Carolina?

Picture notes, Miss 10 when she was 2, Mr 7 with wasps nest, Miss 17 at 2.


10 thoughts on “Just Annother Day at Home.

  1. Don’t you just HATE all the yard work that seems to come in the winter? I’m lucky, at least to be in AZ where it is warmer, but that does mean that I have no excuse to not do any!

    Here from Michele’s this afternoon

  2. Delightful children! I always have to temember that Americans call the garden a yard. In the UK a yard is a paved area, often at the back of a humble home; anything with grass is a garden. Jusr sayin!
    Michele says Hi!!

  3. Delightful children! I always have to temember that Americans call the garden a yard. In the UK a yard is a paved area, often at the back of a humble home; anything with grass is a garden. Jusr sayin!
    Michele says Hi!!

  4. Beautiful lovely kids you have…I’m sure lots of people comment on the red hair…and I can’t help it, I will too…BEAUTIFUL Hair! (lol)
    So, the former owners left youwitb lots of trees that are dying or sickly…! Too bad. But I would do what you are doing it too, just take it as it comes…! Much Good Luck with that!

    Michele says “Hello!”…!

  5. Hi. Michele sent me!

    Yeah, the wasps nest in the house would give me the willies too. Actually, it would not make it into the house, even if you showed me by closed curcuit that every last cell was empty. Nope, couldn’t do it.

    * Start, Louisiana
    * Peace, Alabama
    * Straight, Oklahoma
    * Rapture, Indiana
    * Chance, Montana
    * Smart, Virginia
    * Republican, North Carolina

  6. Hi Becky,
    I came over to visit again and your site is even more interesting then the last time I visited.
    I LOVE the old pictures of you and of course the NEW of you and your children.
    I had to laugh and could relate to the tree situation. We have tons of trees too, where I live. We even had a HUGE wasp/hornets nest in our home. It was underneath the drop ceiling in our downstairs. It wasn’t activated when we found it, but it was hard to believe the insects could make a nest that big. It was by far the biggest thing you ever seen. It gave me the willies too.
    I also love your quotes here. Have a great weekend. Sherry

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