vals-heart.jpgTommorow is something of a non-holiday for me, it used to be a fairly big deal when I was married, we usually went out to dinner, I remember one memorable year we went out with two other couples the guys in the couples were in a ‘rock band’ with my ex & the 6 of us went out partially because the guys wanted to discuss maybe getting rid of one of the band members, so we hadn’t made reservations because as usual, it was an impromtu thing & so we were waiting in the bar for a table & who should show up but the band member they wanted to get rid of & his girlfriend! They had no clue & so were thrilled to see us & we all ended up eating together. As things turned out, the whole band split up a few weeks later with much drama & screaming.

Someone reformatted my computer over the weekend & everything looks odd to me now. I also have to remember all my passwords because I defragged the computer & cleaned it out a bit. Good in some ways, not so good in others. We’re supposed to get an ice/snow/sleet event here today but so far it’s just gray & was sprinkling a little earlier. Brrr, it’s cold today but considering what last week was like (teens during the day, single digits at night) it’s not really too bad! I’m back online checking out jobs again, they lied to me when I asked about the possibility of having to change shifts, by the middle of March there’s going to be a shuffle & we all have to bid on shifts, I have the seniority & the ranking I need to have a decent chance of either keeping my shift or getting something similar that I like. But my Attendance is terrible as I’m sure I’ve mentioned before & that counts too. Due to the inclement weather moving in later than anticipated I may even miss more tommorow. At least they’ve gotten a little more lenient about weather related absences than they were when I started working there. I can remember how they used to preach to us via a pop up window on the computers to warm our cars up early, leave for work earlier & carry an emergency kit in our cars. I think someone must have called the labor board on them, because that & a few other things they used to do which everyone complained made them feel like the management was treating us like unruly children instead of grown up working people have stopped.

A little more work complaining if you please, we’re back on 4 hours of mandatory overtime weekly, I did 1 hour Sunday, 2 last night & will do my fourth on Thursday evening after work. I was going to break at 8 before my overtime started (at least I got 15 minutes paid in overtime with 2 hours of ot- when you do 1 hour you’re expected to just stay on the phone) & one of my coworkers who is known to be fairly bossy asked me, rather rudely as I walked past her desk when I was going to do my overtime. I was already upset having been in a funk over the shift changes & the previous 3 or 4 calls had been especially heinous, Why they gave me all my training, emphasize how important we level 3 techs are for handling the high value HD customers etc & then route billing calls to us is beyond me! – what else is beyond me is why people can not understand the term pro-rated, your bill goes from the first to the 30th, you orderd new tv channels on the 15th, you are going to pay for the programing you watched between the 15th & the 30th on your next bill. It’s not rocket science! Anyway, I gave her an odd look as in ‘why would it matter to you?’ & hoped she’d drop it. But she didn’t she pushed me. I was icily polite as I told her my scheduled overtime, which if she was really needing to know she could have looked up on our tracker on the computer. She got a little apologetic & then put her coat on & left for the day (no overtime for her aparently)

I went on an internal rant while in the bathroom after that. She’s all of 26, married with a 4 year old kid. 1 kid & a husband to help!  The rant went something like this. I’m 38 years old, responsible for myself, 3 kids, a house & a car payment, not to mention I’ve been there for about 2 years longer than her. How dare she question me as to when I was doing my overtime, as if I was some junior subordinate, who died & made her the supervisor (truth: she’s our supervisors favorite) If I’m having a problem meeting my overtime I’ll take it up with the supervisor & handle it with him just like I did 3 weeks ago when the popped this overtime on us with 2 days warning (not really even 2 days, we came in on monday & were told we had to do 2 hours by Wednesday- I couldn’t do it. I don’t give up days off & I had commitments after work on Wednesday. I just didn’t do it. I did the 2 hours the next week though & even did annother hour for good measure since I missed the week before)

Really, as for the overtime, right now, because of the lack of child support when I’m accustomed to recieving it I should be doing overtime, I just hate to do so. Being forced to do so due to the company’s requirements is really a good thing for me. I called dcse last night & a payment on the child support posted! for $3.60. no I didn’t mess up the decimal point, I recieved a payment for three bucks! (chances are it was $25 or something & that was all that was left after the state had their cut.

I can already see I bit off way more than I can chew in deciding to put massive amounts of photos on my online picture album! between going through the albums, picking which pictures to scan (I’m on my third pass through) scanning the pictures & loading them to the online album & then sorting them there into chronological order it takes a lot of time. It might be easier if I didn’t feel the need to copy pictures of more than 1 person to each person’s album, I’m trying to do a little bit of everything but I get stuck on one thing for awhile & then go to something else & stuff suffers. (mostly blog reading)

Here’s what I do for a living, though I do this for television, not computer.

See what I mean? I started this before 11 am it’s quarter of 3, the schools sent the kids home due to threat of ice. It’s still gray & foggy here but not really percipitating. We’ve got Beef Borginounne for dinner & Cinamon pears for desert (the pears are a family tradition for Valentines)

We’ve been working on choosing an e-card for my mother’s birthday which is today, I love that they’re free & I can let the kids choose which one they want (I sent a paper card to her earlier in the week also) I got carried away & sent Valentines to my kids & a couple of friends too! Cute M&M ones.

beckcam131.jpgI’m still feeling touchy about the whole special needs thing for mr7, On the one hand, if he needs it, like if he has inherited his dad’s dislexia then he may need it. on the other hand, he’s bright, observant & on the ball in math, science & general life, he just doesn’t do too well with reading & writing yet. I’m trying to get some additional reading time in with him & playing word games like scrabble with him. However, he would rather watch tv or go run around in the ice which is finaly starting to build up a little- (If I sound like I was impatient for the ice to arrive I was in a way, I wanted it to be here, then go away asap so it won’t interefere with my working a full week at work this week. I need the money & also, after 3 hours of overtime I would like to get the extra money for my suffering! If I’m late going in or don’t go in because of ice tommorow, my overtime is for naught.)

val-feb99121.jpgMiss 10 is, as always, bored, She suffers most over our move, 17, 7 & I all see the move from the trailer to the house 18+ months ago as a totally positive thing, she does not. She had friends at the trailer park & misses them terribly, she still sees them at school, but it’s not the same. The friend’s parents are all from Mexico & the language barrier is difficult to overcome, the parents don’t seem willing to bring the girls here, though I know both their dads know where I live (they’ve both seen us outside & stopped to say hi in the past year) She has ‘only the cat’ as she is fond of telling me in her dramatic little voice, her brother doesn’t count boys aparently are below cats & bugs in the 10 year old mind

locambaby141.jpg Miss 17 is her usual self, tommorow is her 1 year anniversary of going out with her boyfriend & if I have to hear much more sicky sweet lovey dove talk I’m going to puke & then revoke her phone’s minutes. “you’re just jealous Mom” is not a comment meant to endear her to me either.

I’ve been there, done that & paid the bills off over 6 years. I’m trying very hard not to male bash, because there’s plenty of guy bloggers who I like to read & pretty cool co-workers I know too. I’m also trying really hard not to bash the ex too hard. More because I know I need to let some stuff go. I need to get to a place where I’m neutral about him because it’s not good for me to hate him so much! It is hard though, hard to not laugh when I find things out like last year when his new wife emailed me because they were seperated due to his cheating. Or today when I was feeling frustrated & called dcse & they told me that they have nearly a grand for me but have to hold it for 6 months since it was forcibly removed from his taxes! & that they just heard from his state that payroll deduction has just been reinstated. Meaning he had to go get a job (finally) I just hope I’ll Start recieving soon because Its been hard the past 2 months, even the little he pays is better than nothing!

Annother day off, coming to an end, hope everyone has a better Valentines day than I expect to! Here’s my recipe for Cinnamon pears, I learned from my mother but have changed it a little to make it taste better (to me at least)

2 lg cans Pear halves in heavy syrup (you can use the ones in juice if you want- you can also have more pears than this, just double the rest of the ingredients or cook 2 cans in the stuff, take them out to cool & add more pears)

1 bag cinnamon red hots

1/2 cup of water

1/2 cup sugar

pour sugar, red hots, water & the juice or syrup from the pears into a pan, stir over medium heat until the red hots have melted, add the pears (You can trim them to look more like hearts if you want but I’m all about having as much as possible & halved pears look heart like enough as is) bring to a boil & then turn heat down & let them simmer, for at least an hour (as I am the queen of overkill, I usually let them simmer for 2 or 3 hours to allow the pears to be totally saturated with the cinnamon-y goodness!) they’re good hot but actually a little better chilled & the ‘proper presentation’ is to chill them & serve them on a lettuce leaf on a desert plate with cream cheese & walnut balls in the hollow of the pear. (you just have to soften the cream cheese, add chopped walnuts to taste & mix, then roll into balls to make these) personally I like them plain & they’re not bad with vanilla ice cream either!

Picture notes, #1, mr 7 as a baby & me exausted, wish I still had that particular sweater, don’t you hate it when you lose weight & think you’ll never wear your fat clothes again & give them away, then you gain weight & wish you had them still! (No? Just me? probably. I’ll never make that mistake again though- I’ll have clothes from the largest to the smallest all in my closet forever now! Especially since I’ve just started investing in some fairly decent clothes in the last 2 years) #2. Miss 10 at age 2 pretty much on or around this date in 1999, we had moved into a new rental & it came with that cute little play house (& a pond, & great views & horses to at least watch, though I bet if I hadn’t been pregnant the landlord’s wife would have let me ride! As usual, the ex screwed it up though & we were out by August. #3, Miss 17 & mr 7 she used to hate to change his diaper because he’d always wait until she had the old one off & pee all over her. But when his diaper was on she seemed to like him ok.


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