The Only Thing I’ll Ever Get From Tiffanys…

      Who says my job doesn’t care about me? Who says they’re yet annother corporate biggie just steaming along, using us for all we’re worth & tossing us out as we get burnt out & start to lose our minds?…..well, I do for one! But they do give really nice gifts! Back in July I made it to the 5 year mark with my company. Today, 7 months laterclock-at-tiffanys.jpg, I get a nice box from Tiffanys! (I’d never even seen one before) All tied up with a cream colored ribbon, there’s a cute little felt bag in the same color (teal-my favorite) & of course, inside the bag is a clock, shiny gold case, 3 inches or so tall, inscribed with my name (& the company’s name-un-fortunately!) Roman numerals & little curlicued hands, very fancy, it is my only analog clock! Not by design, – that’s simply how it has worked out over the years. Still, I like the bag (about the size of a Crown Royal bag) & the box better than the clock itself. Mostly because of the color of the box & bag I admit. One thing about a fairly ‘expensive’ thing like this clock, I am worried about where to put it, the kitchen has too much stuff in the air with cooking & all- it’ll get all grimed up & greasy. The living room’s shelves are too tippy except over the tv & then I’d have to look at it every time I watch tv & think of work- I make it a point to try to think as little as possible about work when I’m at home as I can.  Which is also why I don’t want it in my bedroom. Once I have the other furniture, My Grandmother’s furniture, I’ll have a lovely secretary desk with glassed in cabinets to put it & other treasures in but for now…. ugh- too much to think about after work on ‘my friday’

I was 1 of 47 people to make it to 5 years there, I belive the number of people who’ve made it to 6 years (The center opened in 2000 so that’s the longest time anyone here has worked there- a few managers were in other centers before this one & have more seniority but not many)crew-on-a-train077.jpg Is even smaller than that. The company has between 500 & 700 employees in this center alone & the turnover rate is insane. I’ve seen people hired both before & after me come through the doors twice & leave again. We have no retention rate at all & it sometimes seems like they’re conspiring to get us to quit. Like they don’t want to pay those of us who have been there so long, as much as we’re making per hour & change things & mess with stuff just to make us mess up so we go on warnings. I am not the only one who feels that way either.

2 days off, one all to myself tommorow. Not much going on this weekend, just trying to keep warm & make sure the kids do some extra reading & catch up on school work,

lois-5062.jpg17 has a friend’s 18th birthday party to attend, she’s bringing her boyfriend who is not from here, it should be interesting to see how that goes.

val-1998028.jpg10 needs more help with her homework, she’s got about 4 more assignments she has to finish & turn in to bring her grades up & then tommorow afternoon is her first school dance, it’s for kids from 4th grade to 7th, (I still think 4th grade is a little  young but she want’s to go…) Oddly enough they’re having it immediately after school & it ends at 5pm! All playing into that myth that if kids are home early they won’t get into mischeif.

cam-2001030.jpgMr 7 has a cold (knock on wood, so far he’s the only one) & consequently has a bright red mustache over his lip from a running nose & licking his lips, every time I see him I tell him to go put some more cream on the raw skin & his lips, he obeys, but it doesn’t seem to be helping much, in a little while, when I’m sure he’s fast asleep I’m going to sneak in his room & smear some really cool ‘magic stick, healing balm’ on his face, while he’s asleep he’s less likely to rub it off & maybe it will do some good.

I’m so tired tonight I’m going to call it quits early & get some sleep so maybe I’ll be able to get up early. Though if it’s as cold as it’s been lately I’m not going to count on it!

Picture notes: First is my clock & the box & bag, such pretty colors, second picure is the kids in 2003 at Eadaville USA which is a cranberry bog train place which hosted (back then) a day out with Thomas the tank engine (mr 7’s obsession for most of his childhood) 3. Miss 17 at age 6, 4. Miss 10 at age 2 & 5. mr 7 at 18 months.


12 thoughts on “The Only Thing I’ll Ever Get From Tiffanys…

  1. Hi Becky. Michele sent me over.

    Congratulations, sorta, on making it there for 5 years (and 7 months) which, according to your post, sounds like you really are beating the odds on still being there. I hope the job doesn’t bother you as much as the people that keep leaving.

    That does look like a very nice clock, Becky. Maybe after you’ve had it a little while you won’t associate it with work so much–despite the company logo. At that point you might want it in the bedroom. Who knows?

  2. I put my 5yr clock in the closet. My 6yr silver frame has a photo of my co-workers and me on the mantle, my 7th year “oscar” is sitting on my dresser and my 8th yr Waterford chrystal star paper weight is safe in the box.
    I like my job, my company and my co-workers, so I’m not bothered by thinking about work at home. Everyone should be so lucky.
    Happy Weekend, here by way of Michele’s, she says Hello!

  3. I shall probably never be on the receiving end of a Tiffany’s box, but I do love that shade of blue! 🙂

    It’s a pretty clock. Shame about the uncomfortable atmosphere that sounds like it comes with it, though.

    Hello from Michele’s!

  4. I love that clock. My grandmother used to have the same clock (it’s been a Tiffanys favorite for a bazillion years, I think) next to her bed on a mahogany side table. It looked lovely.

    You’re lucky to get such a nice gift. I’ve never gotten a damn thing from anyplace I’ve ever worked. Nice!

    Here via Michele

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