The Usual Random Mishmash

It is COLD here & everywhere else according to the news, I gamble though, every year I gamble that It’s not going to get like this, 2 of my spare bottles of water (I keep them under the cupboards for emergencies) burst because of being frozen, that was a nice little mess to clean up. (Still better than pipes freezing & breaking!) the-girls075.jpg

Last night when I got home, (an hour later than usual, back to mandatory overtime) It was 8 degrees in my yard, I think it got colder overnight too. Everyone slept downstairs last night- it was too cold to be that far away from the heater!

I am having so much fun with the scanner, I’m mostly just moving old pictures onto the hard drive right now, I’ll post a few here in this entry, I have to get permission for a few of them though, ones that contain pictures of others (though if I post the cute one of the ex & miss 10 as a baby, I’m not asking him. The less he knows about my actions-online or otherwise, the better)

Wow! has anyone else seen this? I found the link at Mamacita’s it’s pretty much all over now, but still! It took me back to my own nursing days, 3 kids, 2 in tandem (sshh, dad didn’t know) Really though, how could they take something so simple so seriously?

diet-coke.jpgOk, could someone tell me wtf this is? I know it’s a box of Diet Coke cans but why 8? what was wrong with the 12-pack? Why do I have to buy 3 to cover me for 2 weeks (I admit, it ended up being about .50 cents less for me to by 3- 8 packs) but really, what is the point! they don’t fit in the fridge right, it’s more to carry in from the car & it’s just weird! Are people in other states getting 8 packs too or is this a Virginia only thing? Yes, I am addicted to Diet Coke, why do you ask?

I still think Weird Al Yankovich is a genius, I’m listening to Amish paradise which I have on my hard drive currently & It never fails to crack me up, I might have to drag out my brother’s albums & listen to Like a Surgeon or Fat pretty soon.lois-home-90048.jpg

I have never had a problem with email stacking up, I check it every day I’m at home & reply to what needs replies, delete junk & go on with my life, currently I have an email I have read but just don’t know what to do with. It is from my Mother about stuff of my Grandmother’s which has not been distributed since her death, my uncle is waiting to hear from people who want this stuff, including a huge dept.56 snow village, she had 3 or 4 different theme sets put together to make nearly, an entire world, no one has room for all that stuff, I don’t even have room for a little bit of it, like one scence, which is how he’s got them listed, probably in the hopes that each family will take a little bit. There’s jewlery, more Christmas stuff, many many dolls, all kinds of stuff, everything no one wants aparently is going to be sold on ebay. I have until 3/15 to make decisions on this but still, it weighs on me. Taking apart someone’s possesions. I see my own future there in my mother’s end & my own, my kids deciding what of mine they want & things I treasured being sold off on some 2040’s ebay. (I flatter myself, I took a quiz about 6 months ago that predicted I won’t live past age 63!)

I hate few things more than Stuporbowl Sunday, I work most years on that day & all day field calls from people upset because they can’t get the game, either because they don’t have local network channels available or because they have a technical problem. I’m mostly just glad I only had one of the calls I really dread, the ones which start: “I’m here at my superbowl party with 70 people over & I have no satellite signal” That call almost always ends badly! There wasn’t much bad weather across the country on Sunday, only this damn cold! Of course, on a call like that, if you fix their problem, the sound of 70 people cheering you for saving the day is pretty cool!val-3-067.jpg

I have really screwed up this day! I was so cold I stayed in bed a long long time (I was reading, it wasn’t totally wasted time, I decided I like The Crimson Petal & the White, but I’m still waiting to see where it is going) At 11 I was embarassed into getting up, with dishes, laundry, filling the heater with kerosene I got online at 12:30 & still haven’t looked at any blog but this one & Micheles well, through Micheles you always end up going other places! But I have a list & haven’t looked at a one of them. I’ve been trying to decide on the list of stuff from my Uncle still. That’s hard because it’s not just thought, it’s emotional, I can see, in my minds eye, every single thing on that list, many of them I was there when she got them, or I took her to buy them, helped her pick them out. (We lived together when I was growing up & for many, many of my adult years) I still forget she’s not at the other end of the phone too.

Got to go get Kerosene, food (have to have Broccoli for what I want to do to the chicken we’re having for dinner tonight) & cash for the kids field trips, each of the younger ones has a trip coming up in the next few weeks, one to see a play one to A local tv station to check out how the news & weather are done. It’s not the channel I watch nightly but it should prove interesting for him
cambaby2070.jpgPicture note: First one is 10 & 17 about 3 years ago, I like this picture because 10 is looking very skeptical about whatever it is her sister is saying. Second is 17 on her first day home from the hospital after she was born, taken in the kitchen of J.G Whittier’s Birthplace where I lived, with my grandmother for 8-10 years off & on, #3 is Miss 10 when she was 3, wish she still had those curls! #4 is mr 7 who was an adorable infant!


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