Day is done, well notval-cam-1st-day-at-house005.jpg really, we’re going to watch Ant Bully in a little while but then it is really done. An afternoon at the garage with 10 & 7 was not my idea of how to spend my time. I also did not expect it to take that long to get the work done. aparently they had some problems with the new tires going on the rims. At least my brakes were ok & the poor car had an oil change, I’m so bad about getting that done! & the worst part is that I know first hand how much good it can do just to get the oil changed regularly. The best purchase the ex & I ever made together was a 1984 mustang gt turbo which had about 120k miles on it when we bought it. We more than doubled that mileage before I had to retire it. (well, I let someone else have it really, for free but that’s annother story)  The #1 reason the car lasted so long was because the woman who had it before we bought it was married to a mechanic & he changed the oil every 3k miles without fail. (We knew the mechanic- this is a small town as I’ve said before- never met the then-ex wife though, I have heard she’s related to an aquaintance however)   I hate going for oil changes though, that’s one of those things I’ll know I’m doing ok by: when I don’t begrudge the money or not have the money for an oil change when it needs to be done.

cam-cat.jpgThe kids did pretty well really, we played a lot of hangman, they played together, it’s a good thing the garage has a waiting room so we weren’t annoying anyone else! The read a little, mr7 is famous for bringing things which will not entertain him & he did it again. Brought a slinky & a magnetix toy. a magnetix would have been good if it had been a cluster of pieces he could have made something with but he brought a magnetic bug & there are only 3 or 4 things you can do to change the bug around. At the end it deteriorated badly they discovered that if they went & rubbed their hands or body on the soda machine & then walked across the rug to the chair I was sitting in & reading they could, without fail, give me a static shock. Entertaining for them, Reeaallly annoying for me. I did end up at the same garage I didn’t want to go to but he lowered my price on the tires by 10 off the wholesale price -which was more than 10 less than I paid last year for similar tires- So I ended up paying for 4 tires, an oil change & car inspection for annother year for almost exactly what I paid for only the tires last year! Not too bad & I’m happy to have the money because I forgot until yesterday that I have to pay my car taxes still – they’re overdue, I always wait for the Federal tax refund to pay that local tax bill.  Off to get some dinner, I gave up on the chicken plan because it was still frozen solid, I’m going to cook it on low all day tommorow in the crockpot- Have to remember to throw the cat out before we leave for the piercing tommorow! So we had burgers from the drive-in place, they make the best burgers! Just right with enough cheese & pickles & onions on mine to be perfect, even though I waited & ate mine at home instead of in the car! While we were waiting for the burgers (that’s the only drawback, that place takes forever!) we went to the video store & got the Ant Bully which looked pretty good a couple of weeks ago when someone was playing it at work, & Friends With Money which I’ve wanted to see for awhile.

val2005.gifWe had to go home rather than eat at the drive in because Miss 16 had declined to have a friend drop her off at the garage & be with us (If she had we would’ve gone to a place I’ve been wanting to try but haven’t yet- over the health food store in our town) As it was we got the burgers, filled the gas tank & headed home. Once here we found Miss 16 & the boyfriend having an e-argument via instant messenger. The boyfriend gets bored when she’s not around to talk to & goes to some ‘teen chat’ thing. She doesn’t like having him on there because that’s where they met & so she’s afraid he’ll meet someone else on there, though he says he’s just going there for conversation…hmmm, is that like, ‘I just read the articles in Playboy’? Anyway we were interested to note she had an 80′ & some unintelligible word scrawled on her cheeks when her sister finaly asked what it was for she said they had a pep rally I vaguely remembered her standing at the side of my bed in the dark of this early morning complaining about it & getting annoyed because I started singing ‘smells like teen spirit’ by Nirvana -Having been homschooled I’ve Never been to a pep rally myself, the video for that song & the sceences in the movie Heathers form the majority of my conception of pep rallys- I ‘just don’t understand’ is what she told me, that this is her ‘most plausible conception of hell’ & how can I ‘so cruelly send her to school on a pep day & consign her to this’. This of course was too much for me at 645 on a non-work day & I told her to get dressed, go to school & pretend she was in the Nirvana video. She was lois-in-normal-mode.jpg  Not amused- But of course she painted her face for the pep rally (?!?) Oh, they were making fun of it she assured me. It was all very sarcastic. So what’s the significance of 80′ I ask & her hands fly to her face, she starts screaming & leaves the room! Turns out she put it on herself, in the mirror & it was supposed to read ’08! I tried to get a picture but she covered her face with her hair & then went & washed it off before I could snap one!


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  1. LOL! I love the whole 80′ story. That one is a memory you should keep. 😀 Good news about the car stuff not costing as much as normal. It always feels so good to get a break like that doesn’t it? I’ll be interested in hearing how the lip piercing went. I just can’t imagine going through that. She’s much braver than I.

    Here via Michele’s but I’ll be back. Have a wondeerful day!!!!

  2. Hanging around whilst cars are being fixed is quite a drag. But I suppose good brakes and tyres are pretty important. I’ve also had those surprisiongly reasonable car bills sometimes, but then another time I think ‘how can it possibly be taht much?’ so I suppose it evens out.

    Here today via Michele’s – Hiya.


  3. Ugh, I would imagine i will be going thru the whole lip piercing thing in a few weeks when number 2 turns 18. His friends all have funky piercings and I know he is dying to do it too. One of his friends has 3, 8 gauge rings in his bottom lip! I suppse I have been lucky so far, he only has pink hair and has gauged his ears down to a 2. I know, I’m a big hypocrite. But, my 17 piercings mostly happened well after I turned 25. Ok, so maybe I just want something different for my baby! LOL

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