Annother Day over & done

ocean-pic036.jpg My day is already over & I haven’t written a thing! I’ve thought of many things to write about today- mostly while I was out mailing books, getting a few groceries & Picking up miss 16 who says she’s sick with vomiting yet again. I thought I might continue on my memories of places I’ve lived, I thought I might do a random observances post, I thought I might do a tribute to my mother, grandmother & great grandmother with lots of pictures of them throughout their lives, I scanned a bunch of pictures for that purpose but it took a long time & then I got involved in organizing all the pictures in the computer into folders to make it easier to find what I’m looking for. Good in the long run… Bad for the time available. There was also the other little matter…. I opened the cupboard I keep my father’s printed pictures in & found that a mouse has been nesting in the box! The mouse was in residence when I opened the box & jumped out at me. The cat of course, had conveniently just gone outside & was no help whatsoever. the mouse eventually jumped out of the box & ran under the chest the cupboard is in, leading to screaming on my part, not a mouse fan at all I tried to get 16 to help me kill the intruder but she wasn’t having any of that! I found that this mouse has been chewing on my father’s photography prints & making a nice nest for itself, I cleaned that all up but I don’t know how I’m going to keep the mouse from just going back & chewing up more. The cat was completely disinterested in the whole thing when she showed up. I also got bogged down on the whole book thing, I received a book from someone on paperback swap & had to log in to let them know it was received so the sender receives their credit & also log that I mailed a book this morning to someone else, I found once there that I have another request & so need to mail another book, luckily there is a delay option & I delayed to Friday so I can get it done on my next day off since I’m not going back out today, I found yet another book I really want, I try not to get books I’ve read already but some books I read 10-15 years ago & want to re-read the latest is Carolyn Chute’s Merry Men, I did read most of it in 1994 but I couldn’t finish it because it was a library book & I was too busy so I want to re-read it & finish it this time! Of course the book site is truly addictive, I have had it up onscreen all day, I keep thinking or hearing of authors I want to search to see if they have books on there, I’m still looking at my bookshelves & considering what books I probably will never re-read again so I can list them & get them out of here to make room for more! I didn’t get around to calling for tires or for someone to build my stairs. Well, I tried to do both & it took me an hour of telling myself neither one would get done if I didn’t do it & then when I did call I got answering machines on both the garage I had chosen to start using (I’m giving up on the place who gave me the run around on the tires which needed replacing in the fall- & still do) & the home improvement business I was going to talk to about building stairs. Neither answering machine was very business-like & so I didn’t leave a message on either one which leaves me right back at square one. I have to do the tires. My Inspection sticker expires on the 31st so I have to get everything in order for that whether I like it or not.

Before I got the call from the school about 16 I was on-line reading others blogs, I’m trying to make myself comment more often but it’s hard, I don’t know why, I was giving myself a pep talk Sunday about it, that no one (well, almost no one) on-line really knows who I am & it doesn’t really matter what anyone thinks of what I say even if it sounded stupid etc… Didn’t help much. I did make a few comments. I owe a couple right now from people who commented here too. That’ll be next on my agenda as I have to wind it up & go take a shower before it gets any colder tonight (alternative heat is just fine except for maybe 4 months of the year) I did make a fairly nice pork roast in the crock-pot, (still using it for every dinner I cook, trying different things, I basically just threw it in there with a packet of garlic & herb powdered soup mix & a half a cup of water. It was great but the Potato scallop was better. I used to spend a ton of time slicing potatoes & chopping onions & neatly layering them in a pan for this side dish, now I use the long slicer on the side of my cheese grater for both the potatoes & the onions & it is SO much easier! I can’t believe it took me 27 years of making or helping to make potato scallop to think of that! (Actually I thought of it while watching Alton Brown use a ‘mandolin’ on Good Eats. I wanted a mandolin & then it occurred to me the side of the grater would work just as well) of course, I buy pre-shredded cheese so I didn’t actually use the grater for that part of it. As usual I had to pick out potatoes for Mr 7 who hates onions (Why does that so seem to be a male thing? My ex is almost the only guy I’ve ever met who liked onions & his son does not take after dad unfortunately, we always have applesauce with pork & both of the younger ones ate more of that than anything else, though I did have to take some beets from Miss 10 because she’d helped herself to most of them all 3 kids like beets a lot- not sure why though I do like them myself which helps though I love onions & each of them has had phases where they didn’t like them, Mr 7’s the only one who hasn’t outgrown it yet or the not liking mushrooms thing. Which we’d all love to see him get over his hatred of those since we have to have every pizza only half mushroom because of him! cat-again.jpgThe cat is of the impression I bought the scanner merely for her to have someplace new to sit! She’s on the S**t list though, for her complete failure as a mouser (well, to give credit where credit is due, she does kill some outside & bring them to the door, she also has killed a few upstairs in 16’s room.) I’m not really liking my new schedule on Tuesdays though I Love the Friday-Saturday part, a lot of it is 15+ months of having Tues-Weds I have trouble getting over the idea that I’m going to have tomorrow off too, instead it’s back to work & I have to keep reminding myself of that which brings me down. On Friday though it is awesome to have 2 actual ‘weekend’ days off I know Friday isn’t really the weekend, but the anticipation is somehow similar. As a matter of fact that reminds me of something from my past that I was thinking about recently, mostly because I was there in December, not in my past but in the location of my past! Rockland MA to be exact, when I was 14 or so I would ride my bike ‘uptown’ & go all the way to the end of the street (A pretty good downhill ride on a bike I might add) & then around to the store- get something sweet or salty to eat & then back home to eat it. rockland2.jpg

I especially liked this ride on Fridays because there were more people to see, most of them were cheerful (this was Rockland, many were drunk) & you could see a lot of things, people showing off new clothes, cars, dogs, sitting on doorsteps or porches or cars listening to the radio. I really got into it &rockland.jpg would stop & talk to anyone who spoke to me etc. I mentioned this to my brother who as I may have mentioned was an extreme curmudgeon even at 10 or 11, he of course, made fun of me because I said I liked to take this ride & see all the “Friday people” I tried to explain the whole ambiance of the atmosphere in a working class area like Rockland is on a Friday at 4 or 5 o’clock, he was scornful but a few weeks later he came to me & told me he’d taken my ride & I was right! there was a different feeling in the air on Friday afternoon! Yes, I know the pictures are ancient, I couldn’t get any new ones from Google!


3 thoughts on “Annother Day over & done

  1. Michele sent me over, Becky.

    I love Good Eats and wish there were more episodes to watch. I guess the male thing might be right in regard to onions–I didn’t really like them much until I was nearly 40. Now I eat them all the time. Odd.

    Good luck with the mice. There must be some way to keep them from getting to your pictures.

  2. That is just typical of a cat! My cat is not the best of hunters either in fact it’s just as well he has me to feed him otherwise he’d starve!

    It is a shame a mouse is chewing on your pictures though.

    I am sure anyone who receives a commnet would appreciate it. The rule I stick to is, if I don’t have anything nice to say then I don’t say anything! 🙂

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