So the cursor is blinking at me, I don’t have to post, I don’t have to write a damn thing if I don’t want to…. The truth is I don’t have much to say today, general life going on, quiet, utilitarian…. I had a lot to say last night but once it was all on the screen I deleted it because it said way too much about my job & my frustrations with it. Things are getting worse not better there in spite of my relief that I probably won’t have to change schedules again in the near future, they give with one hand & take with the other. ‘Nuff said because I don’t want to be whining & bitching about my job on here all the time. What would be the point? If I let my job consume my non-work time too then they win.

river.gif The day has been so-so, the first, of what they’re telling us will be ‘seasonable’ weather days which according to accuweather will be continuing for the foreseeable future (In their case, 15 days- it’s not supposed to be over 50 degrees on any of them) I was really hoping for a warm winter all the way through this year, mostly because heat costs so much, with the weather colder, 4 out of 7 days I have to keep the heat on all day, the other 3 no one is at home from the time I leave for work until the kids come home so I can keep it off during that time & save a little but lately it’s been so warm that I haven’t had it on until dark most days & sometimes, when it’s been over 50 at night, like the last 3 days, not even after dark. Also because it’s just more pleasant to be able to go around without hats, gloves & winter coats.

My day started with me waking up thinking my cell phone should be going off to remind me to make a few phone calls & find out the state of my finances (I did, finally get child support in December, over a week late & this month it’s already later than that- I have to stop counting on it- rather sad that I could count so heavily on $225 a month but it makes a difference, every little bit helps!) I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was still not 9 am (when the reminder was set to go off) & I felt rested so I laid there dozing & the next thing I knew it was 9:35 & the phone still hadn’t gone off! I found I’d set it for 9pm instead of am.

cam-january.jpg Both of my younger kids require money. NOW. or so they tell me, one is going on a field trip & the others class is having a Chinese new year celebration in which they need to contribute $2 towards Chinese food. Since I was completely out of cash last night when they sprang these on me I had to go to town to get money out of the bank- I needed some money for the constant infusions of diet coke & Sobee lean energy drink I require to keep from lapsing into a coma at work for Wednesday & Thursday also-

cat.jpg I also had to have cash to mail my books away. This is my latest best thing on the Internet, I saw it on open book & as soon as I went there & read the terms I was hooked, you post books that you don’t want to keep any longer & if another member wants them they let you know & you send them to the member, meanwhile you get to search for books you want & people who have them send them to you. Within 15 minutes of signing up I had emailed everyone I know who’s a book lover- no ones emailed me back to say if they signed up or not but I hope they do. I admit I love to re-read books myself, but some of them you just know you’ll never read it again, or sometimes I’ll buy books which sound good but aren’t all that great- like at the library sales or through a book club- & so I certainly don’t want to take up space on my bookshelves with books I don’t care about (I pretty much plan to line my living-room walls in book shelves eventually- but I’m not there yet & space is at a premium) After you log 9 books you want to get rid of you get 3 credits to get new books. You get another credit for each book you actually send out also. I got 2 hits within 48 hours of signing up on paperbackbookswap & have ordered 2 books already, one by one of my favorite authors Tabitha King- Stephen King’s wife. & one by Diana Gabaldon which is not part of the Outlander series but is a story about a minor character in the series. it cost me less than 5 bucks to send 2 books via Media mail to two people & 2 books are on their way to me for free already! Now if I could just find that long list of books I wanted to read…. I used to carry one in my purse & had already gotten every book my local library could supply from their own stacks & everything Barnes & Noble had (not much- I have odd tastes & they’re awfully mainstream) I was getting ready to start with interlibrary loans when I started my job (yes, 5+ years ago) But I have found that my job takes so much time (especially with mandatory overtime) that I can’t finish a book very quickly & that I am better off owning books I read because I take so long to read them!

So, after getting about 4 miles down the road on the way to the bank, remembering the books that needed to be mailed, coming back, finishing wrapping them up (they give you labels to print on-line but I have 2 printers & 0 power cords so they’re useless to me) & taping them to an inch of their lives (these people receiving these books are going to need a chisel to get into them. I was on my way. I managed to go only to the bank, the dollar store (needed packing tape, I decided the normal tape I was using just wasn’t cutting it) & the post office. I didn’t go get cheese curls or stop for a sobee or anything else, (OK, after the P.O. I went to the store & bought a diet coke but I restrained myself from chips etc. which is hard for me to do but I’ve got to start somewhere or I’m going to die early)

valgreen2.jpg I’ve been having a love/hate relationship with scratch cards lately, I’ve always spouted that line about the lottery being a tax on people who are bad at math when asked about lottery but after reading on someones blog that she lets her kids pick the scratchers & one kid is really lucky & they win quite a bit I decided to let the kids pick a scratcher each. (The reason they were asking to pick them is because I always say, when I get requests for a horse, a pool or a dirt bike that I’ll get ’em for the requester as soon as I win the lottery & that it would help if I played the lottery- so my 10 year old started encouraging me to play the lottery!) Back in December I let miss 10 & mr 7 each pick a scratch card, (miss 16 was out with a friend or something & not along for this ride to the store) mr 7 didn’t win anything but miss 10 won 3 bucks. The next day was the day my Grandmother died & so I carried the $3. winner back & forth to Massachusetts in my purse & forgot all about it. When I got back to work my boss had left a Christmas gift on my desk, he gave us all $5 Mcdonalds gift cards & a dollar scratch card. When I scratched it I found I’d won a dollar, I’m the only one out of 14 cards he bought for us who won anything at all. A few days later I took both cards to the store & let the kids pick again, 16 picked a $2 card & each of the little ones picked a $1 mr 7 is the only one who won anything & he won a dollar, I turned that card in last night for another $1 card & won another $1 I made up my mind that I’d turn it in today, so I did & I didn’t win a damn thing. I had my hopes up because a woman in VA did something similar, she got a dollar card & won $2 & got another card & won more so bought a $5 card & so on & ended up winning a million dollars. I was really hoping I would have a run of luck like that but I think you have to stay in the store & keep scratching in order for that sort of thing to work. (That’s what people I know who do scratchers a lot tell me anyway)

Back home I’ve been messing around online & getting up to do other stuff from time to time, I’ve got a wash going, another one drying & bread rising in the oven (I’m easily swayed & rather impulsive, I read on Margalit’s blog about how she’s making a lot of homemade bread & so I went & made some because it sounded good & it’s been a few months since I made any- the kids will be pleased! Now I’m off to scour my bookshelves for more books I don’t think I’ll read again & look for that list of books…..


2 thoughts on “?

  1. Hi Beck,
    I signed up too. I posted my 9 books and haven’t been back to check my e-mail. I can’t wait to check out some new books…although I have 2 borrowed books I have not finished yet. I really need to catch up on my reading! Thanks for the post about it. Oh, I put you down for a reference.

  2. The book thing sounds neat. I’ll have to see if there’s anything like that near us. We’re lucky to live a couple of blocks away from the library. I love it in there…it’s such a serene place. And free!

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