And How Was YOUR week?

My week was choppy at best, the rest of Tuesday I was driving around in the snow snowy-road.jpg with Chrissie, she had a interview & so I had an hour & a half to kill. I drove around in Blacksburg remembering when the 45+ mile drive was something I did at least once a week or so, back in 1993 when gas was what? maybe a dollar & thirty cents? Miss 16 & I (then little miss 3) would go get beads for the earings I used to make & check out all the cool little shops, go to the health food store & look at the houses (I’m a architechture freak it’s the #1 thing I miss about MA) I was also reminded , because I had to turn around & come back towards where Chrissie was of going all the way over there once a Month for birth control pills, I was low income & Planned Parenthood had a sliding scale fee, so I went & got the pill there, I didn’t need it for the first 5 months since the ex who was the ex-boyfriend then was living in NC while we were here in VA, but we got back together (I think it was romantic at the time, but I can hardly remember anymore- it was mostly obsessive is my main memory of that time now) & of course I needed the pills then. So turning around in the Planned Parenthood parking lot got me thinking about how different where I live is from where I came from, how there probably will never be a PP clinic in the county I live in & how I have heard some local people speak against the health clinic because they provide birth control – as if that’s so much worse than when mr 7 was an infant & I took him there for WIC I used to see a woman there with her 13 year old daughter who was pregnant- oh yes, birth control is a terrible thing. How I used to have a bumper sticker on my car back then (From PP) which read: “A World of wanted children would make a world of difference” & got dirty looks from people here, just as I still do with my ” exercise the right to think for yourself” & “What you give is what you get” bumperstickers.  My favorite shop in B’burg has become a tattoo parlor, my favorite resturaunt is there but had not a single car in the parking lot at 4pm yesterday. The Health food store has picked up shop & moved so I went to see the new location & it was OK but I’m partial to the local store
I got a good deal on my favorite cheese poofs & some lovely Havarti cheese, (yes, I know there’s something inherently wrong in buying cheese poofs at a health food store, but they’re really good & I look at it this way, if I only buy the good ones, which cost a lot more than the cheap, so-so ones, I’ve gotta eat less of them, just because I can’t afford to eat them so often)  I then went back to the place Chrissie’s interview was & read my book until she was through & then we went to dinner which was nice but we both ate too much, then I dropped her off & went home to find the kids just finishing up the beef roast I had started cooking.

money3.jpg Wednesday was not a particularly bad day at work, though I did get a verbal warning for leaving early/coming in late too often lately & a written warning (next step after the verbal) over not coming in at all- they had to reach all the way back to June to peg me with that one, love those rolling calendar years! What can you do when you’re a single parent & have little support system ? Kid’s sick, you’re home. That’s about all you can do, I do have a friend/family member who has said if one of the little ones needs to stay home she could take them & if anyone gets sick in the near future I may have to ask because I need to do really well for the next 90 days to roll this write up off. The really fun thing for Wednesday though was our company ‘holiday party’ yes it was the 10th of January & they’re just getting around to it now! It seemed to be worth the wait though, everyone got fed & the food was remarkably good, Champagne chicken, ham, red potatoes, green beans, 5 or 6 different deserts, nothing chocolate though, stacks of canned sodas, not bad in spite of the fact that we were eating at 8:15 pm, the party area was down a hallway with 6 rooms opening off it & they had a Las Vegas theme, upon entering you got 10 grand & had to change it to chips & then gamble, if you won you got to cash the chips in on raffle tickets & then put them in grabs for gifts like a portable dvd player, an Ipod etc. I don’t gamble & was really there for the other stuff, they had a caricaturist, chair massages & a psychic intuitive, I was mostly interested in the psychic though if things had moved along more quickly I would’ve had a chair massage too. As it went I stood with a co-worker for 50 minutes waiting for the psychic to go get a soda & use the bathroom & read one person, being 6th in line I could see that if I got to see the psychic before 1030 I would be doing well & so gave up & went home to watch the news.

tarot.gif  I did think though, on the way home, how it might be fun to become a tarot card reader, I’ve been reading them for nearly 20 years for myself, friends & family I’ve got books on how to get your skills to a marketable level & after talking to my co-worker in line & some of the other people waiting about their experiences in this area with psychics (Mostly of the ‘oh, there’s great danger around you, give me $20. a month & I’ll pray for you’ variety) I think there could be a use for a good card reader. I know one girl in the line asked me if I had cards with me & would I give her a reading with them, but I don’t carry cards to work of course & I’m not about to get in trouble for that at work, I’m sure the company would take offense somehow.

Today was less relaxed at work & I had this comedy of errors lunch which was totally an exersize in frustration. Last week when grocery shopping I decided I was sick of the same 6-8 meals I buy each time for work meals & picked up a few new ones, the one I brought to work today I didn’t look at more than long enough to ascertain that it had bowtie pasta & chicken in it, turns out it had a chilli & black bean sauce that I could not stomach (not a chilli lover here, that’s for sure) so I left work during lunch, got in the car & went on my ‘merry’ way to our nearest fast food strip, except I didn’t, I left work & turned right up on the highway entrance ramp which takes me home! Just as if I was done at work for the day! Never even thought about it until it was too late & I had to drive a few miles out of my way to get where I was going. The getting of the food was uneventful which is a good thing becuase I have had some unpleasant experiences with the particular fast food resturant I went to. Usually I would be upset & irritated about having to leave the building for lunch. (yes, I am that lazy- mostly the problem is it cuts into my reading time) But during my morning break I had discovered that I only had 5 pages left in the book I was reading. (& that was including the book club questions at the back of the book) So reading through my lunch hour just wasn’t going to happen.

becky-boston.jpgAfter eating in the car in the company parking lot & contemplating why anyone would ADVERTISE that they’re a bitch on their rear bumper I went in & checked out my companys ‘internet cafe’ (I had 20 minutes to kill & didn’t want to finish the book) I hadn’t been in there for ages because when they put the computers in for employee use they had them locked up so tight you couldn’t even check email & I just couldn’t see the point. I had heard they’d unbent a little & that the computers were mostly open network now (they block every ad though, my hotmail email never looked so plain) I was able to check my email before getting home tonight & even see how this blog looks through a different (Much BETTER, flat screen monitor- even though my daughter painted the picture which is at the top of my blog I didn’t realize until I saw the picture on the work monitor that there is a reddish tinge to the woman on the beach’s hair- It looks just like a shadow woman to me on my monitor!)   So that was exciting, though I wish I had that nice monitor here!

missval.jpgThe best thing I heard all day though, was from a manager in my company, Back when my supervisor told us of the possible shift shuffle he said there was debate as to wether there would be 4×10 shifts still available. The person who is in charge of scheduling is one of my former bosses & definitley one of my favorite people in the building. I caught her while she was passing by & made it a point to let her know that there are still many of us who prefer the 4- 10 hour days schedules (when she was my boss we worked a similar shift) & She assured me that ‘corporate’ loves 4×10 shifts there may not even be a shift shuffle! My job satisfaction is back up in the above 50% range again which is a good thing because the computers are back to being extremley frustrating again!
cam-january.jpg  Upon arriving home I found some rather unhappy people, my kids’ schools are closed for 2 & 1/2 days this week for the end of the marking period. I had been asking miss 10 & mr 7  for over a week to clean their rooms & do it correctly & the job wasn’t getting done so Wednesday night when I arrived home & found they had wasted their half day off not cleaning (I was making the case that if they spent the half day cleaning the rooms then they’d have the next 4 full days off in which to enjoy the weekend- they didn’t buy it) So Wednesday night I locked the satellite box. CNN & HNN & the shopping channels are all that is available on my tv without the password (it’s the ex’s last four in his social, none of the kids would have a clue what it was let alone that I would use it) My son was really annoyed that I even locked up PBS I told him the point wasn’t that they could only watch educational programing (I have friends who’s parents did that to them when they were young) it was that there was to be NO programing. Are the rooms clean? NO, they watched dvds untill miss 16 put a stop to that. Tommorow will be a long day I think.


9 thoughts on “And How Was YOUR week?

  1. Gawd – the resistance to planned parenthood, reproductive rights and the general sense that other people have any right to climb into my uterus really scares me. Even in Canada we’re on a scary turn toward the (reproductive) right.

    Hi from Michele’s

  2. Unhappy and bored kids are difficult to be around–but Lord knows they won’t want to clean their rooms no matter how bored they are. LOL Hell, I don’t like cleaning my house either so I can’t say much. Good luck with them, Becky!

    Your job doesn’t sound fun at all. At least the party sounds like they put some planning into it–although being a few weeks late is a minus.

    Michele sent me over to observe your life!

  3. I’ve never understood why some religious types think they were given the absolute right to judge others. Freakin’ religious right ticks me off.

    It’s somewhat more enlightened here in Canada. But as another commenter already pointed out, even that may not last.

  4. Here from Michele’s today…That is scary that people react to PP that way…Lordy!
    How can they have such a fabulous Health Food Store there in Floyd and be kind of back in another century about birth control..? Sorry…that is the case…And I know you are too! OY!

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