Annother day at home, almost already gone,

The morning began unpleasantly, miss 16 was up ridiculously late last night talking on the phone & pretended surprise when I called her to tell her to quiet down because I could hear her all the way in my bedroom downstairs. I had a feeling things were not going to go well- sure enough I woke up at 7:19 to find no lights on, no chaos going on outside my bedroom door (my bedroom is right next to the livingroom & the front door so I hear the daily getting ready for school noises every morning. The school bus arrives at my door at 7:24! I got everyone up & dressed & out the door, it helped that the school bus was about 2 minutes late too!

I went back to bed becuase I’m a sleep addict & also had been up until about 12:30 the night before, catching up on the news etc. I should have stayed up because I had this really vivid dream about my ex. Not a bad dream in that we were not fighting, ahem, we were doing other things that as ex husband & wife we should not be doing! I hate when that happens, I need a boyfriend!

After a long internal discussion over why I would dream of him in that manner after so long of not even thinking about him (or trying not to in the evil, ‘man I hope he falls off a cliff’ way I usualy do) I got up & found the house to be unbelieveably cold so I lit the heater, started dinner (crock pot beef roast with onion soup mix, onions & potatoes- eat your heart out) & after getting my lovely soy protein drink (Not lovely, but really not that bad) together I sat down here, I’m giving a friend (Chrissie) a ride to a job interview & we’re going out to eat. I Snowwas on the phone, discussing when to come to get her with her & turned in my chair to find that it’s snowing! Nearly an inch here already, Chrissie called back later to ask if my kids were getting released from school early because her daughter is, I called & they’re not releasing early here. (Probably for the best, their attendance is in need of all the help it can get) The Cat is aware of the best way to spend a snowy day though, curled up in the dining room where the heater is. Now I only need to find a brick to put on top of the crock pot to keep her out of our dinner! scarlett


5 thoughts on “Annother day at home, almost already gone,

  1. Hi Chris, checked this out from work if you can imagine, The picture at the top & my new ‘avatar’ are from a painting of Lois’ isn’t it beautiful? She was both annoyed & flattered that I co-opted it, I’m going to have everything I plan to move moved over from Tripod by this coming Saturday, the 13th.

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