Chicken With Garlic & Red Wine Vinegar Sauce

1 lb or more skinless boneless chiken– cut into bite size pieces we use thighs because that’s what we like- but it is just as good with chicken breast meat if that’s what you like.

4 or 5 cloves of garlic peeled & sliced or chopped- remember the smaller the chopping of the garlic the sharper & stronger the flavor- I go with a medium size chop. More garlic is ok- I use more than what I put there because we like it.

1T butter– you can use margarine if you must.

1 bottle red wine vinegar- we use the walmart brand which has garlic in it too- for even more flavor

1 teaspoon chicken bullion or 1 cube of it if that’s what you have

1/2 t salt- 1/4 t pepper- 1/2 t onion powder once again- all to taste & I use more of all of these

2 cans stewed diced tomatoes– not drained.

1/2 cup water.

melt butter & saute garlic in the melted butter after garlic has infused butter & is becoming slightly golden brown add chopped chicken pieces & cook until cooked through – add salt- pepper & onion powder during the chicken cooking process. Once chicken is cooked through add red wine vinegar- chicken bullion & water. Simmer to reduce a little & add the stewed tomatoes & juice from the cans. Simmer until you’re ready to serve- better when cooked for an hour or so but just fine after at least 5 minutes of simmering- cook pasta- I always serve this over angel hair pasta but any pasta will do. serve with parmesan cheese.


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