Random Thoughts.

  • It’s been crazy time at work & I’m just beginning to come back from the insanity of my work. add to it that half my group took Wednesday off & worked Friday & half worked Wednesday & had today off (we’re all going to be the same next week) There’s just too much going on.
  • An earthquake in the ocean broke some fiber optic cable 10 feet below the ocean floor & they have to dig it up & make repairs before we’re going to have about 7 international channels back on. I gave up even asking people for patientice, it’s been 4 days, they say it will be annother  3 or 4 days more before it’s fixed,
  • I’m just giving everyone who subscribes to these particular channels 2 weeks of credit when they call in. It’s something a Manager suggested this morning to all of us who were there without supervisors, this particular Manager used to be my immediate supervisor & I like her a lot because she is always so positive & upbeat.
  • We also have reading in common & it was her recommendation that started me on my current book which is Dan Brown’s ‘Angels & Demons’ I had mentioned that I had loved the Davinci code & she highly recommended it to me as annother excellent book by Brown. I am enjoying it a lot.
  • It’s a good thing too because my normal news junkie escape is not flying this week, everything is on Ford, now he was  the first president I remember but really, come on, I was amused to hear he didn’t think much of Bush’s war though.
  • There’s a crazy old lady at my work, she says she’s a poetess & when I looked her up on this website she is actually there. she cleans the bathrooms, empties the trashes & scrubs the tables in the breakroom.  She has worked there for maybe, 2 years, maybe a little longer, & she talks to herself as she dusts & to anyone else who pauses in her vicinity.
  • Yesterday she told me there is a wildcat lurking in the parking lot! we are next to a school & an athletic field on one side, in 2 other directions we have a lot of vacant land (the county is hoping to build an industrial park there but other than our building & a shell building the county built- nothings moved in yet) But the other side is the highway, a very busy 4 lane interstate. (I81) & I find it hard to belive that a bobcat or wildcat is going to get that close to an interstate or a paved parking lot for that matter, but she insists not only that multiple people have told her that the supervisors have an email about this & that something followed her to the building from her car the other morning at 4 am when she was coming in to work.
  • lois-in-normal-mode.jpg
  • Miss 16 has managed to top off annother record cell phone usage month we ‘share’ 1000 minutes each month & I usually use maybe, 100 minutes if I’m lucky (this will probably drop now that I don’t have my grandmother to talk to) she uses the rest & this month she made it to 997 minutes! (I used 62) to her credit she didn’t go over but she came pretty darn close.
  • Miss 10 has been doing an hour a day of school work, 4th grade has been proving a little more intensive than she had expected & missing 3 days to being sick the first week in December & annother 5 due to going to MA the 15th thru the 20th didn’t help. Her teacher gave her all the papers she needed to complete & a list of her required reading pages in history & english. I have a feeling she’s going to be in remediation or repeating 4th grade (summer school is not an option because it’s every day from 9 to 1 & I’m only home 2 week days to drive her- they don’t do buses for summer school) I hate it for her but looking at her work in everything but math, I’m beginning to think she’s going to need the extra help.
  • Mr 7 is headed for a broken something or other, the skateboard is scaring me enough that I wish I had never bought it. Now he’s started trying to stand on the basketball. he nearly broke his nose on the computer desk trying to balance on the ball he slipped & went down face first towards the desk. I think both items may need to disappear to the shed for a few weeks (& I thought my new padlock was only for hiding Christmas gifts- I guess in a way it still is!)
  • The best thing about Christmas season ending is that it brings in Tax Refund Season! I’m poor enough with 3 kids to qualify for the Earned Income tax credit & I’m more than happy to pay the evil percentage rate that H&R Block lay on you to get a rapid refund the same day as my taxes are done. Its worth it to me to have the money in my hand.
  •  This year at tax time we are getting stairs to replace the drop down attic steps to the 2 bedrooms on the second floor of my house & we are supposed to buy the drywall & lumber to make 2/3 of the garage into a room which will be part guest room part family room. This is the first year Ever. where I don’t have a couple of hundred dollars in bills I’m holding off until the tax refund day. I’m essentially up to date on everything providing that nothing on the car fails between now & then. (knock on wood)
  •  That’s the other priority, either tires & a tune up for my car or a replacement car. I’ve been wanting a new car for awhile (I’ve had this one 3 years & it’s beginning to show it’s age- I hate to say it but I wish I hadn’t bought an american car- the last one was a Subaru & it had 189,000, miles on it when I traded it) I’d also like to get something with 4 wheel drive for these mountain roads in the winter (though I admit it looks like I might not need it this year!- I can hope)
  • I’m not much for resolutions, I like to tell miss 16 that the powers that be love to make you break promises & resolutions more than anything else but this year I am going to try really hard not to miss work unless it’s an actual emergency, the new computer system is still putting my job satisfaction at nil (& I’m not the only one, everyone I talk to who’s been taught the new system is miserable & hates being there- dreads coming to work etc. just like me) But I can’t afford not to work there so I need to concentrate on doing the best I can so I can get off the phone & not use the computer system any longer.
  • I know I should make some sort of resolution about trying to lose weight or at least trying not to eat sugar but I found last spring when I was actually doing pretty well at not eating sugar that I did better by just concentrating on not eating it right. that. minute. & not looking any further than that with it. I have done so abysmally this Holiday season that I am fighting a canker sore on my lip which is always how my body tells me I’ve had too much sugar. The only encouraging factor is the relization of how much less sugar it took to get me there before- if christmas cookie dough one day, a slice of cheescake one day & a peppermint patty the next is enough to do it, for instance, thats better than the days when 2 whole boxes of fudge did it because I think if I ate that much now in one sitting I’d probably vomit.
  •  New Years is such a lame holiday. My ex & I were married on New Years Eve & even the year we were married we were in bed by 10:30 that evening. I remember the year 16 was 6, the ex & I went to bed at 9pm (I had an excuse, I was pregnant with miss 10) & Miss 6 stayed up & played in her room, I set my alarm clock to get up at 11:45 pm & watch the ball drop with miss 6 because she wanted to see it. we went down, turned on the tv, I got us 2 champange glasses full of ginger ale, the ball dropped we drank the ginger ale & she said ‘ok, now what’

‘that’s it, it’s bedtime now’ I told her.

‘Thats it? I stayed up for this?’ she was outraged!

I hope everyone has a wonderful New Years Eve & a Prosperous & Healthy 2007!


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