I admit this week has me a little off. Lois not being here is odd to say the least & then, on top of that I’m finding the Davinci Code a LOT more absorbing than I expected, I expected it to be one of those books I’d pick up at work & then put down at break with out any hesitance & never be wanting to read on my days off. Instead I’ve barely put it down & resented every intrusion which took me away from it. I’m feeling the pull right this minute & there’s little that can get me off the computer once I’m enmeshed, the only reason I put the book down to get on here was to get the directions to pick Lois up at the bus station tonight & I figured then that since I was already on here I might as well use it for awhile, but the book sits here on the desk & calls to me still. yesterday I spent about 5 hours in the hammock out in the yard just reading my book & drinking water & soda which the kids (Valerie for the most part) kept bringing me. (entirely with out prompting I might add. though she did bring water & I sent her back for diet coke a couple times!) I think part of the reason I read so little at home is I lack good places to sit & do it. the couch sucks, it’s uncomfortable, sticky usualy & leaking fuzz. I need a new one so badly it’s not even funny anymore!A part of me does not want to like Davinci this much, a part of me feels like because it’s a ‘worldwide bestseller’ & Everyone’s been talking about it I’m no better than a sheep for reading & liking it. But still, it’s very entertaining & it deals with the Priory of Scion which I know a lot about from reading Judith Merkle Riley. Annother Author I can’t put down. Which brings me to what I should be doing right now, If I was smart I’d get dressed & go out & run errands, the post office, to send Ann some books to read, the Harvest moon etc. Instead, here I sit, when I could be doing this tonight while waiting for it to be late enough to go get Lois. (turns out she arrives at 1130 tonight not 7 pm.) I can always comandeer the computer at like 7 & stay on until I leave at 10 or so to go get the missing one.

I will say that the atmosphere around here has been lighter with out Lois & that I don’t think I will miss her too much when she actualy moves out, I love her of course & I will always want to talk to her & see how she’s doing & her opinions on stuff but she’s so moody! & it’s just generaly more peaceful ( & messier) with out her here!


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