LONG Day today, I’m trying to fix my attitude about work, I’m begging for help with my attitude to all the powers that be, I’m mantraing my self into oblivion saying I don’t hate my job, it is a challenging job, never more so than now & I have to focus on what’s good about it & that I need the job. I’m trying so hard. But I still hate it, I hate the nature of what I have to do, telling old people to put the tv on chn 3 isn’t so bad but when you have to tell people, guess what, your dish is out of alignment & you have nothing even remotely resembling a warranty- we are not the cable company, if you need us to come out you pay for us to come out. is not my idea of a good time. I used to be able to let this roll off my back, this & the people who do my job but lack the balls to tell people this & so transfer customers to me to do the dirty work, if I had a dime for every customer who I had to tell that to who then said ‘why didn’t the person who troubleshot the whole system with me tell me that, why did they transfer to you?’ I’d be a rich woman, I also wouldn’t be doing this job anymore.

I try & try to do what I’m supposed to do they want us off the phone in under 10 minutes (I’m an advanced tech so it’s longer than someone who deals with remotes all day) I try. I succeded for more than 4 years, so then they throw this new computer system at us. It does not work. it is slow, cumbersome & wasteful. it takes at least 3 times as long to do even simple things like changing someone’s programing. Never mind how long it takes to set someone up for a high definition upgrade.

I feel so frustrated on the whole thing & all my co-workers are as miserable as I am. My boss, however, has been very grumpy about the whole thing, he’s usualy laid back & when something isn’t right he has no problem admiting it or agreeing with us when we say it’s not right, on this issue though, he brooks no comment, jumps all over any of us who complain in the slightest about this new system. He just says ‘shut up about it & do your job, we can’t change it, this is what the company has decided to use & we have to use it, if you don’t like it there’s the door!’ This is unusual from this particular guy he’s never been like this before so I’m sure the pressure is upon him from above. But there’s only so much we can do. Especialy when it comes to the handle time, time between calls & having customers on hold rather than talking to them.

a few days later, the above saved in draft form.

I don’t intend to do my superiors thinking for them. I’m sure they didn’t get where they are & have been for 25+ years without knowing what they were doing but from my point of view, on the front lines, dealing with the customer the changes made are a mistake. Yesterday we had bigwigs in & they sat with some agents (NOT me, luckily) & at least listened to their complaints & saw in action how cumbersome this system is so we’re beginning to hope something might be done about it, if not trashing the whole thing then at least reworking what they’ve given us to work with!


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